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Benabik's Wish List

A long-time semi-curated list of items is below, but here's a quick version for birthday 2020:

This list is drifting out of date. I should clear this out... Or just start over. I gave it a once-over in September 2020.

Wow, this list is getting long. But really, this is just a dump of “Hey this stuff is cool!” Anytime I run across something interesting, I’m putting it here. Look at the upside: It gives you lots of choices if you want to give me a gift. ~_^

I split up my Amazon list into a few different topics:

  • Main List – Books, Toys, Board Games
  • Academics – Mostly textbooks, kinda expensive but neat
  • RPGs – Role Playing books

I’ve sorted the list into categories. If there are just dots next to each item, then it’s not in any real order. If it’s numbered, then that list is sorted in how much I want it (relative to the other stuff on that list). Anything with a strikethrough (like this) I already have or someone is getting me. Anything in bold is something that stands out from the rest of that section as a distinct “I want THAT!”

Do read the entire list. Just because it’s near the bottom of the page doesn’t mean I want it any less.


  • iPad and Pencil
  • Yaesu VX-8R
    • GPS attachment
  • Kenwood TM-D710A

Video Games

There's always my Steam wishlist.

Retrode is an interesting device to haul out my old SNES games…

Here’s a list of new/most interesting games for the Switch:

  • Axiom Verge (there's a physical version I'd love to have)
  • Ori and the Blind Forest
  • Legend of Zelda: Link's Awakening
  • Super Mario Maker 2
  • Luigi's Mansion 3
  • Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim


So iTunes has a “Wish List”, but it appears to act far more like a shopping cart than a wish list. The easiest way to help me buy the $100+ of media I’ve found on iTunes is to buy me an iTunes gift card. But if you want to know what I’m looking for on iTunes (and so I can find it later), here’s a list:

Full List



These are things NOT on the Amazon list. The Amazon list should have a large variety of books to choose from.

Programming books:

Some Series I’d like:

  • Basically anything by Brandon Sanderson
    • Oathbringer
    • Alloy of Law
  • The Gateway/Heechee books by Frederick Pohl

Card & Board Games

  • Power Grid (on Amazon List)
  • Escape the Dark Castle
  • Viktory II
  • Settlers of Catan expansions: (also on Amazon list, but wanted to emphasize)
    • 5&6 player expansion
    • Cities & Knights: 5&6 player expansion
  • Stuff from Looney Labs
    • Pandora’s Box (Wooden box with Fluxx burned into the top. Neat.)
    • Aquarius (card game)
  • kuuduk. It’s a card game by a company called Toy Site. Looks like fun.
  • Crows from Valley Games

House Stuff

  • Home Depot gift card
  • Someone to fix my shed


  • Gunsmith Cats
  • MegaTokyo
  • Naruto
  • Angelic Layer (Have 1 & 2)

I already have some series, will add them when I remember.


Yeah Right

This is a list of stuff that I don’t really expect to get… But there’s no harm in asking, right?

  • Tesla
  • Toyota Prius