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If you’re looking for jewelry, try Silver-Insanity.com instead.

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In even more recent news...

My last blog post was complaining about the previous one being four years old, but now that one is five years old. Oy.

The forum is still going, although slowly. Just changed a ton of things on the server and I think it's all still working. Need to change more, including the look of this site. In my copious spare time. (I should really be asleep now.)

This blog post won't show up in the archives because I ditched an ancient CMS and am now updating things manually. I'm too lazy to create all the archive pages and links, plus it's really not needed on such a quiet site.

Posted by Benabik on Aug 16, 2018

In more recent news...

I keep forgetting to update the home page when I change things on the site, resulting in a four year old “news” post sitting on top looking all important.

My friend Joshua has been using the site to post interesting fiction and host a play-by-post Amber game. The forums are far more active now than they have been in a while just in time for me to be too busy to participate! Fun times for all!

Posted by Benabik on Feb 21, 2013

Forums and LARP

Two new things appeared on Silver Insanity today.

The first is a new forum! Rather than opening a new forum for everything, I’m just going to have one central one for the entire site. No more piles of accounts, and everyone gets the upgrades at once.

The second thing is the reason I finally got around to the first: Between the Shadows It’s an independent Vampire the Requiem LARP running in Rochester, NY. Feel free to join us! Information on the game can be found at it’s site and questions can be posted in the Out of Character section of the forum

Posted by Benabik on Feb 09, 2009


I’ve been getting a lot of e-mails recently about jewelry. If you’re looking for jewelry, you’re at the wrong site. This is, and always has been, a personal domain full of random things.

On the other hand, silver-insanity.com (note the dash) is a jewelry store. Once again:

Go to silver-insanity.com if you’ve come here for jewelry.

I may seem to be belaboring the point, but it appears that Silver-Insanity has been getting popular. I’m averaging about one e-mail a day for them.

Posted by Benabik on Jan 16, 2009

Don't Diet, Eat Naughty

This is a simple set of concepts, based on one basic rule. I don’t believe in dieting. When I need to control my weight, I need to focus on enjoying my food much more.

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Posted by Becky on Jan 16, 2009