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Don't Diet, Eat Naughty

This is a simple set of concepts, based on one basic rule. I don’t believe in dieting. When I need to control my weight, I need to focus on enjoying my food much more.

Before eating, have a glass of water. Half the time I go to eat, I’m just thirsty.

Always be ready to put away the leftovers to enjoy later. Everyone grabs a little more food than they really want to eat.

If possible, eat with a friend, and put the food down halfway through the meal to talk. That little oh-so-pleased smile of a friend who’s no longer starving is just so nice to relish, and food is more satisfying to relish together.

Remember what’s a treat. Don’t skip it, make much of it!
Great treats are amazing in small quantities, which is why cheesecake, pie, and cookies often come in such small pieces. I enjoy each bite slowly, and try not to let anything distract me for that delicious moment. After a few bites, it stops being compelling… and that’s the time to put the fork down and look around. If it becomes compelling again, have more.

Treats that don’t measure up to serious enjoyment should be dropped for better ones. When the cheap candy bar doesn’t taste quite right, pitch it, and figure out what the real craving is. A single godiva pearl is often far better than a big stale hersheys.

Ice cream deserves a sunday cup, and chocolate syrup poured artfully over the top, perhaps with a sprinkling of candy. Flinging it carelessly into a cereal bowl relegates it to a boring food, and a huge bowl looks half empty even with 4 scoops.
Don’t skip the christmas cookies, look them over, and pick the best one.

Drinks with calories are treats. Juice is a treat, soda’s a treat, alcohol is a treat, a milkshake is a big treat, milk is at the very least a food. The easiest way to tame the drinks before they tame my waist is to use old fashioned juice cups, instead of big water glasses.

Don’t forget to go out of the way for better food. A really good sweet potato or spicy curly fries is a treat worth seeking, why settle for blandos for the same calories?

Posted by Becky on Friday, January 16, 2009