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Meta: Reflections from the University

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Their world is like ours. A world where animals are people and where the devouring of the weak has been outlawed since the dark ages. It is a world with modern conveniences and without any hint of magic.

Their world is a lie. Magic exists everywhere, just behind the real, in a place the ancients named Atlantis. Vorax devour weaker mages to gain more power and have done so since magic first existed.

Jove’s world is about to break. Applying for college, Jove is recruited for the premier magic academy and discovers he has a talent for preventing magic. Is he a revoker, a mage hunter only whispered about in dark stories? Or something older?

If you’re new, the first part of the story is under Story: Transitional Studies on the right. The info pages are not needed, so you can jump right in. If you like Meta, please post something on the forums, or e-mail me at JoshuaB1977 @ gmail.com.

Most Recent Update: (Updates typically on Sunday.)
12/20/11 TS60: Dragon’s Lair 1


It seems that all but one of my regular readers have stopped reading. I haven’t gotten any feedback in months. The story has not been fun for me anymore. As such, I am taking a break. If you are a regular reader and want to know how things might have turned out, then e-mail me and I will do my best to answer your questions.

I am going to start another serial I think and if I have time, I will revise this one. Hopefully the next time around I can find some people who are interested. I was thinking of perhaps posting on facebook or twitter. If you read this I’d like to hear any ideas you might have about promotion.

Thank you. If you want me to let you know when I start this up again I can put your name on a list.

Posted by Joshua on Jan 01, 2012

60: Late Again

So, hopefully I will be able to get ahead of things. I am done with classes.
This is a part 1, similar to how Introductions went. I was kind of surprised how psycho South ended up, but it seems like the way to go.

Here is Dragon’s Lair 1.

Posted by Joshua on Dec 20, 2011

59: Late Announcement

A bit more about what laws are and some ideas about where things will go. Ironically, this was posted 2 days ago, but I got stuck doing work things. Anyhow, The next chapter is already on its way so hopefully that one will not be late.

I hope that you enjoy Leader Questions.

Posted by Joshua on Dec 14, 2011

58: Stupid End of Semester

Normally writing dream sequences cheers me up. This really didn’t. I really could use someone just letting me know they read this. Anyone.

I hope that Dream Walk makes up for the lateness.

Posted by Joshua on Dec 07, 2011

57: Back on Schedule

So, 1400 words should make up for the sparseness of last week. I was originally wanting one of the two Vorax plots to succeed, but this seemed to flow a bit better. If you’re enjoying this, please make some kind of note on the forums. It helps me write.

I hope that Recursion makes up for the lateness last week.

Posted by Joshua on Nov 27, 2011