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Becky's Wish List

Feel free to use or ignore this list as you like. It's partially a long term shopping list, largely a whatever popped into my head while I was near a computer list. I have included some particular items, but I've mostly included categories of things I love, as I find that surprises are as much fun to give as to recieve.

I love massage stuff (Someday I'll save up for a chair)
dark chocolate
Neat things that show up in skymall, like this Ladder/Handtruck which I'm definately getting next time we move.

anything made by hippie, be gentle with the world companies like Gear that Gives(Really Pretty Stuff!) Ben and Jerry (really good stuff) Novica exotic stuff.

art - preraphelites, art noveau (ie Mucha), impressionists, japanese and chinese landscapes, calvin and hobbes, pictures of libraries Jewelry- amnethyst, sapphire, elaborate silver things, and anything graceful cobalt blue glass (easily recognized, it's so dark blue, you can see purple)

anything in jewel tones (wine, dark blue, amber.. stained glass window colors)

Furniture - natural woods, shaker & mission, ikea Bookends **recent add - Artemis is blurring the line between amazingly beautiful and practically invisible. It's very different from my normal impressions of ceiling fans, because it doesn't loom or wobble. Very odd. Books- hurrah for books!!!! I own none of the Andre Nortons, hardly any Neil Gaiman, Marian Zimmer Bradley, Isaac Asimov, or Agatha Christie.. I also love book covers: leather for books

simple clothes that flatter and cuddle- merino wool, cashmere, things with a bit of mohair, black velvet, black silk, deep red, blue, purple.. velvet/silk, madarin collars

Movies- Real Genius, The saint, Star Wars dvds or most movies with: tim burton, steve martin, nic cage, val kilmer, bruckheimer

I do love Broadway tickets!