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The World of Meta

The world of Meta is much like our own. The people have the internet and computers. They have the same cars and planes, the same television, and the same movies. The countries of this world have the same names. One could almost forget it’s not our world.

Except, there are no humans. In their place, animals walk on two legs and have developed hands. Ancient stories speak of a time when animals walked on four legs, but not much is known about the time before they evolved.

Centuries ago, the dark ages of this world were ended by an oath and promise that ended the act of one animal eating another. Predation has been taboo for centuries now, and those criminals who violate the Oath of Habitat are considered the cruelest and vilest of all.

Due to this change in the natural order, certain foods have become more important. Insects and fish, which did not evolve like the other animals, are still considered acceptable food. Several high-protein plants have replaced meat for most of the old predator species. It has also been noticed that a full 10% of predators cannot survive on these plant substitutes, and must supplement their food with insects or fish.

Magic is as unknown in the modern world of Meta as it is in our world. Your average person will swear that magic does not exist, and will disbelieve that things are magic even when they see proof. Atlantis is an old myth, that has no bearing on the modern world. This is, of course, not the truth.