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Who was that guy? It’s been a year and as such, there are enough characters who are around that you can lose track of them. So, to help readers who only read casually, or have bad memories, or don’t feel like trying to find the exact chapter a character’s Thaumascan was shown, here is a basic cast page.

Warning: There are plenty of spoilers on this page. Until I get a more sophisticated spoiler tag setup, they are hidden by displaying black text on a black background. Highlight to read.
Warning part 2: This method does not work for Thaumascans, so you might see a few that are not revealed in the story yet. To the best of my knowledge, this should not matter.

Astrom Family

Jove Astrom: Male Fox, 17 years old, Primary Element: Unknown
The main character, Jove is a young fox on his first semester at the Atlantis Academy.

Thaumascan: (Shown in Chapter 3)

Silly fox,
You are beyond
our ability to sort.

Mr. Timothy Astrom:
Jove’s father.

Thaumascan: (Shown in Chapter 3)

You are a proud man.
Solid and grounded in what’s real,
You consider the consequences,
Yet hope was lost to time.
When ready, magic blooms in Earth.

Mrs. Amy Astrom:
Jove’s mother

Thaumascan: (Shown in Chapter 3)

You give and protect,
defend when it’s needed,
Your family is your life,
You promote them, not yourself.
Mother, Wife, Water bearer.