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Magic and Elements

Atlantean magic is closely associated with the four traditional elements and two moral facings.

As part of admittance to the school, each student takes part in a ritual Thaumascan to determine their basic elemental potential. The ritual involves a specially prepared disk, white on one side, black on the other. During the ritual five lines describing the students magic potential appear on one side. Each line appears in a color that represents one element that the student shows potential in, and usually, the dominant element appears 3 or 4 times. The last line typically spells out the element that the student will be strongest in. It is uncommon but not unheard of for a student to have two strongest elements, or to change their element over time.

In addition, if the words appear on the white side, the student is considered Praeda. If they appear on the black side, the student is called a Venator. It is almost unheard of for this to change except by extreme emotional trauma.

The four traditional elements are:

Air: Perception, the mind, as well as wind. Air covers the strictly mental disciplines of telepathy and prophecy, as well as more typical aspects such as breath, flight, and illusion.

Earth: Deals with stability and endurance. In addition to manipulation of earth, rock and metal, earth is about withstanding and enduring pain and struggles. In an abstract sense, earth covers gravity, stability and balance, and emotional centering.

Fire: Generally an agressive energy. Fire is flame, lightning, and light. Even defensively, fire tends to burn those foolish enough to attack things under its protection rather than offer resistance. Abstractly, fire deals with emotions and passions, and does a decent job of motion and even healing.

Water: Is adaptation. Flowing to fit any challenge, water is defensive, adapting to attacks, and allowing them to pass through it. Water gives life, and takes it just as easily. Healing and poisons are all aspects of water, as is almost any transformation that causes the flesh to flow from one form to another.

The two facings are:

Praeda: Also known as prey, praeda are defensive and evasive. Healers, defenders, paladins, as well as rogues and scouts. When paired with Earth or Water, one tends to find paladins or defensive clerics. When paired with Air, one finds seers or shamans, in harmony with the past, present, future and spirits. Fire praeda are rare, and tend towards scouts and sword saints.

Venator: Also known as predators, Venators use offensive and agressive magic. They range from noble warriors to horrible assassins. Fire Venator are the most common, dealing with the agressive damage that fire can deal. Air Venator are also common, expert trackers, agile hunters, and far-sighted bowmen. Earth Venator are powerful, embodying the raw strength and merciless power of a landslide. Water Venator are the darkest, delving into foul posions or necromancy.

While a mage’s element indicates what is likely the easiest technique for them to use, it is common for a mage to learn techniques associated with other elements methods.