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Tabletop to MET

Mind’s Eye Theater


  • Acting Speed = Species Factor
  • Running Speed = normal speed
  • Errata: Willpower gives +2 to a resistance trait.


  • Common Sense = 1pt (was 4)
  • Fleet of Foot adds to Running Speed (Most things that affect speed are running speed)
  • Fresh Start removed

Fighting Styles

We are using the Fighting Style rules from the tabletop book, despite the changes in the MET book. Kung Fu •••• now only gives two attacks, but does so regardless of your Dexterity.

Basic Mechanics

No exceptional successes or dramatic failures


  • Mediation (Allows combat to be more of an RP tool and avoids the time combat takes)
  • Fair Escape
  • Damage Limit (highest number)
  • No Defense reduction per attack
  • No all out attack
  • No autofire
  • No aiming
  • No shooting into melee penalties
  • Staking is -3 to pull, 3 damage required
  • Notes that most supernaturals are immune to stun

Melee weapons

  • No sap, brass knuckles, katana
  • No two-handed
  • large weapons cause off-balance on 1
  • No 9 agains
  • Rapier gives +2 defense instead of AP1, breaks on ace vs large weapons

Ranged Weapons

  • Most items increased in size
  • strength changes
  • Sniper rifle is 4, not 5
  • No 9 again
  • shotgun is every other turn
  • Armor Defense penalties became initiative penalties
  • Explosives section replaced with “don’t used explosives sidebar”

MET: The Requiem

Celerity: Adds to acting speed. Adds to running speed, then doubles. (Was multiplies speed)

Familiar Stranger (Obfuscate ••••): Now assume a generic role of your choice instead of “whoever they expect”.

Resilience: Health levels are permanent. Still a blood to downgrade agg.

Vigor: No longer adds to jumping, only applies to damage not to chance of hitting.
Note: These are both going to be added back in.

Devotion “Know the Stranger” became “Perfect Stranger”: Basically old-style Mask.

Added detailed status rules.