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Between the Shadows

The darkest mystery is what you are.

A completed game of politics and anarchy
in a dark world of power and mystery

Enter a dark mirror of Rochester

Between the Shadows has been called “done” by its players and staff. But that doesn’t mean we’re not still playing. We’re starting up a new Vampire: the Requiem game at the same LARP place, same LARP time:

Next Game: Feburary 26th, 2011 at 7:30 PM,
Games are the 2nd and 4th Saturday of every month.
Usual Location: DancEncounters
1115 E Main St
Rochester, NY 14607

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Game Information:

The game has been called “done” after many of the main threats in the city were disposed of and the old Prince deposed violently. We’re still playing games, just not this one. All the information below is kept for reference and/or nostalgia.

Characters are “experienced” kindred using the Mind’s Eye Theater Requiem book. Since the game has been running for a while, we’ve upped starting XP to 55. Things from tabletop books may be approved. Non-vampires are unlikely to be approved, although a ghoul is the most likely to be.

Knowledge of the rules is not a prerequisite for coming to game! The staff (and many players) are happy to help new players create characters and learn the rules. If you want help before you appear, post to the forums and we’ll help you there.

In terms of the attribute categories, this game is:

  • Mental primary: Strange occurrences and mysteries.
  • Social secondary: Court politics and dealing with people in the city.
  • Physical tertiary: Combats are infrequent and rarely key to ST driven plot.

Of course, player decisions can often decide what types of plot are most important during any particular game.