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Area Kindred

Court of Rochester

The current kindred with positions in the court are:

  • Joseph: Invictus Prince of Rochester
  • Kyle Morris: Seneschal, also Invictus
  • Martin: Nosferatu Elder, Keeper of Elysium, and Untamed Adept of the Curse
  • Carl Richards: Archbishop of the Lancea Sanctum
  • Frank: Sheriff
  • Spikes: The Hound

Prince Walker has appointed the Prisci council as his Primogen:

  • Daeva: Derek, twice Harpy and senior Carthian
  • Gangrel: Spaz
  • Nosferatu: Maxime Andropov, a new Carthian
  • Mekhet: Sol, a Dragon who also holds Domain within the city
  • Ventrue: Pearl

Due to the occult nature of many of the problems in the city, our Prince has appointed a Librarian to gather occult knowledge: a Crone named Niccoli Stravos, who was once Seneschal and is now infrequently at court.

The only other member of note is an odd Gangrel who is now only allowed in the city for one more night: Daemon, who is probably an Ordo and a source of much mystical knowledge. All in all, we have about a dozen kindred attending court regularly. I have also heard of at least one other kindred walking the streets of Rochester: a member of the Lancia Sanctum named Micheal, who was eventually acknowledged by the court.

The Prince has not been heard from since the earthquakes and riots that shook the city. His seneschal speaks for him during his absence, with the advice of the Primogen council on matters of importance. I have heard he has been seen in other cities across New York.

Other Upstate Courts

Each city may be a domain unto itself, but other lights shine on the horizon.

  • Buffalo: A Lancea Sanctum city, where a fight for Praxis has recently concluded.
  • Syracuse: A long time stronghold for the Circle of the Crone.
  • Ithaca: Small for a Kindred court but a notable bastion for free thinking types, like the local Carthians.
  • Toronto: A ghost town, where the vampire population has been decimated by VII. The only member who regularly attends “court” anymore is a single Circle of the Crone named Balthazar. Toronto used to have over a hundred or so kindred divided between the Lancea Sanctum and the Invictus.
  • Albany: Was an Invictus stronghold, but the elder there has fallen into torpor. No clear claim for Praxis has been made because the mire of politics and deals keep the Kindred court as tangled as the kine’s leadership.
  • New York City: Almost 300+ Kindred. All 5 covenants are represented, and the courts get so large that several sub-courts have been established. The city is a place of legend, with more vampires in one place than many of us have seen in our whole requiems. A decent place to tap into elders of all clans and covenants, but also a good place to get yourself killed as an outsider.