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The storyteller for Between the Shadows is Brian G. He’s trying to take a more managerial role, keeping a high level view to keep things running. He also makes the final decision as to what is and isn’t in game, from characters to rules to plot lines. There is a competent staff to assist him…

Head Narrator

Joshua B. is the Head Narrator. His role is to generate plot, work with players to make and flesh out their characters, and run much of the action at game. He generally has more of the details of scenes, NPCs, and plots close at hand than the Storyteller but they work together to plan out the overall story of the game.


Narrators help run individual scenes or particular aspects of the world. While you don’t need a Narrator to talk to another PC, only the narrators (and the ST) are allowed to speak for NPCs. The only current narrator is AWC who is particularly in charge of spirits and pacts, and occasionally assists looking over new characters.


Judges are allowed to make official rules decisions. These decisions are not permanent rulings or changes, but are definitive in any given scene. The only current judge is Jon K., who mostly deals with occasional matters of character creation.