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TS58: Dream Walk

In the morning, Jove walked into the large central room in his dorm suite. He stretched and yawned. He smiled and greeted the older fox that was on the couch. “Dad, didn’t you get to bed?”

His father shook his head. “Not until almost six. Twelve hours of jet-lag aren’t easy to shake off. I know Azarias decided to stay up.” He looked around at the indistinct light that filtered in the open windows. “What time is it? Did you miss class?”

Aether, I think it was the book and not me, chimed at the question. It said, “Time is 7:23 am.”

His dad asked, “Your book talks?”

“No. It haven’t installed…” Jove shook his head. “This is a dream. Maybe a vision. I wanted to talk before class and I guess my magic decided this was the best way. Especially if you just got to bed.”

“Wait,” his dad looked confused, “I’m in your head?”

Jove blushed. “Could be yours. I’m sorry dad. I should go.”

“Wait.” His father stood up. “I’ve been distant and I wasn’t very supportive when you were growing up.”

“We’ll have time dad.” Jove smiled. “Mages live a long time. Plenty of time to catch up on what we missed.”

“If nothing kills us first. This world is dangerous.”

“Yeah. It can be.” Jove looked at the ground. “Merlin has been testing me. He tried to get some mages to hurt me. Yesterday, he tried to get me to injure one of the other students here. I think the Vorax are going to try to kill me by the end of the Summer.”

“What have they been doing to you here?”

“I’ve been learning to take care of myself. Martial arts, magic, how to deal with some of the strangeness here. You get used to it.” He walked over to his father. “I started reading Aeon. I look forward to meeting the person who wrote it.”

“We both hid our dreams from each other. I hid them from you and Amy. I’m sorry.” His father sighed. “It wan’t right.”

“I understand how you felt dad. I felt that way before I burst.” Jove walked into the room again and sat down. “I hid who I was from my friends. I feel more connected to my roommates after a week then I ever felt at home.”

“They are odd, but I know what you mean.” He smiled. “I am so glad that Tyler could come with us. He is going to freak when you meet him. Keeping all this magic from him has been the hardest part of the last few months.”

“Who’s Tyler?”

“Leon.” Jove’s father shook his head, “I mean, my best friend. He was the one who initially suggested I write to try to keep my sanity. Azarias said we shouldn’t leave him by himself.”

“But he hasn’t burst.” Jove wondered, “Can he afford to live here?”

“I don’t know. Now that I’m a mage, maybe I can get paid to write Aeon.” Jove’s father shrugged. “He kept me going for a long time. Helped me be there for you. If I hadn’t been writing, I would have spent my whole life chasing rainbows.”

Azarias flew in through the window at that. “Sorry to interrupt, but I might be able to offer some ideas.”

Jove said, “I thought you were staying up.”

“Not only am I one of the best seers in Atlantis, but you’re using my spell. Being here and awake at the same time is child’s play.” The snake hissed. “But, to the topic at hand. There is a fund set up for people to donate to Aeon. I haven’t checked how much was in it, but it would be enough to live comfortably with. At least until you got bored and decided to write again. The only issue is what it would take to verify you as the author. There’s enough rumors about the Vorax as it is. If it got out your magic was sealed then released by one, it might cause riots.”

“Riots?” Jove’s father raised an eyebrow. “Jove said most mages read my story, but riots?”

Azarias looked at Jove’s father. He started to say something, then paused. He let his thoughts settle and tried again. “It’s very popular. Most people have a normal reaction to it. Some mages attribute their initial bursts to the story. There are a few obsessed mages, who were only held back by the Oath of Habitat. If it is revealed you used a fifth element to bend time like Aeon and your son is a revoker, there is likely to be some very strong reactions.” The snake frowned. “I’m sure some will think your a prophet.”

“My dad?” Jove smirked then frowned. “Wait, what do they do to prophets here?”

“Usually when a mage has this kind of fame, they can defend themselves from assassins.” Azarias scrunched his brow. “We may want to avoid making this public. At least until you two can defend yourselves. Definitely until we can discuss this with everyone awake.”

Jove nodded, “I’ll keep quite in class. But what about Inquisitor Edward?”

“I’m not sure I want to see my old mentor squeal like a teenage girl.” The snake pulled his wings around himself and looked at Jove’s dad. “He’s a huge fan. Your writing has kept him alive, although he’d never admit it.”

Mr. Astrom shook his head, “It did what?”

“This is going to be a long story. Jove, you should head to class. I’ll try to explain things. And if you see Edward, remind him not to make a scene.”

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