General Rules discussion.

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General Rules discussion.

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These will be cleaned up as things are added to make sense. Please post questions or idea in the other thread.

First game
Each clan will have 2 blood lines that are common in the area that pc's sires can be a member and join-able at BP 2. The players will have say over 1 and the ST may pick the second with player input as is needed for plot. Since each Bloodline has plot concepts we will use the fact they are common to try and play up these ideas.
Characters will get the ability to give 2 players 5 xp at the creation game. If they accept the 5 xp they owe the player a major boon. These can not be direct trades to cancel the boons out. After the game starts new players (not characters) will get 5 xp after 3 games to hand out in exchange for boons to draw them in.

Covenant Powers
We are using true covenant status. You may only get the benefits of your true covenant.
Coils are each an individual discipline.
Oaths will be altered and not approved at creation.
Invictus get non vampire status at half cost instead of retainers.
Legion get vampire status at half cost instead of retainers. They also get Citizen merit for free.
Gangrel clan flaw does not affect thebian sorcery.

Obfuscate is being looked at.
Dread gaze does not forces the target to stay out of the users presence once they are done running. The level 3 power that causes them to test for frenzy forces them to leave the users presence whether or not they fear frenzy.

General rules
- Any ranged weapon that deals lethal is large and slow enough to be noticed and the defender does not lose defense. This is how you can figure out what ranged weapons do or do not take away defense.
- Currently we are using base 8 plus 4 for success. It has been asked that we switch to 3 per success that will be looked at and discussed.
- Any mental or social powers defense is now resolve or composure +blood potency which is subtracted from the attackers pull.
- Willpowers give +3 defense. The book contradicts it between +3 and +2.
- Humanity drops at creation do not give xp, but you don't have to pull for derangements.
- Staking; if you do enough successes to kill someone you can stake them. Your damage cap does not count for this. Staking is a -3 called shot. For now it is not allowed at range.

- Mentor will come up. As a political game the covenants will have apposing goals. Mentor will be used to determine who they contact and who choses the reward. These events are how devotions, powers and fighting styles not in the main 2 books will be introduced.
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