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If you were to look at Kanreus, at first glance his powerful build and height would give him an imposing air. With faded steel breastplate under red cloak and scarf, hints of a dark black skin with gleaming yellow eyes can be seen underneath. This is further compounded by the numerous blades that he keeps across his back, belt, boots, and other odd places. The illusion of majesty is quickly demolished by his speech and body language however.

To ask him about his history is to receive a litany of overblown tales about things rather unrelated to each other. The general takeaway from listening to him will involve a childhood spent in the great outdoors, extensive time spent around carnival folk, misuse of fire in the worst ways, and a desire of wealth and adventure.

High Aspect: Showboat Swordsman for Sale
His teachers in the circus had a saying. It was 'Go Big or Go Home.' All that he knows of interacting with people came from performers and travelling adventurers, both of which instilled in him the merits of being lauded and the benefits of having money. And with a natural aptitude for combat and deep desires to see the world, did he sorrowfully part ways with those troubadours.
*As a bonus on any action where he's showing off, or using a blade, or working to accomplish a task he's being paid for (or that he expects to be paid for).
* When negotiating a higher price for his services.
To fail at something because he was showing off more than he should have been - for example, allowing an enemy to escape because he was spending time toying with them rather than dealing a deathblow.
* To be recognized when he's trying to be unobtrusive.
* To refuse to give up on a task that he's been paid for.

Trouble: A Legacy Of Ashes
Ruins nigh lost to the shifting sands with strange murals of winged forms, the fragments of shattered stone around once busy streets where he first awoke. Fire that comes as naturally to him as breathing. All these things and more lay as clues and signposts to a heritage, one that even today tends to leave ashes in its wake.
*(as a bonus) When using fire.
* When dealing with dragons or draconic creatures.
* To get a positive reaction out of certain ancient ruins or fire elementals.
*When trying to intimidate someone with even a vague idea of what he is.
*To have Kanreus' fire burn more than he'd intended.
* To investigate dangerous ancient ruins because there's just something oddly familiar about them...
* To be hunted by the ancient enemies of his people... whoever they are. Maybe he'll figure it out someday.

Aspect: Wildborn
Badgerdogs were counted as brothers and birds as cousins, his survival skills learned from watching and mimicking the world around him. Yet, every time he would get content in a place in life, his continued growth or mere happenchance punts him onward.
*"My earliest memories were of nobly mooching from the backdoors of some cottages. Good times!" When trying to scavenge off of the land.
*When interacting with Animals.
*"Social graces? I dont follow you." When attempting to interact normally with civil people.
*When seeing large amounts of natural land devastated, and farm folk impoverished.

Aspect: The Obvious Facetank
He's big and loud and tends to get in peoples faces in a manly fashion. Its what the badgerdogs did, its what the thespians did. Its what the neighboring goatherders did. You dont get far in life by being unwilling to protect whats yours.
*"Just you and me. One on one. Me and you and .. all of your guards." When facing superior forces, or defending something.
*When trying to draw attention away from his team.
*"What's everyone running for? Whatever it is, we can face it, in a manly fashion!" When in a situation when running away might be the better idea.
*When encountering a scene where ordinary folk are oppressed.

Aspect: A Reckless Plan Is Still A Plan
Kanreus is young, all things considered. Very young possibly. While fairly bright and intuitive, he has not learned to restrain those fiery impulses, and pain is less of a detractor and more a sign that one needs to try harder.
*"My ideas haven't gotten me killed yet. Now I insist you fire me from this catapult at that airship." When doing anything that defys common sense.
*When acting in situations that occur as a surprise.
*Any time that patience would be a virtue.

Shapeshifting - 2. Assuming winged forms, those with claws, teeth, of simple animals, all comes naturally to him. In time, he learned to even mimick the goatherders and performers of the villages laying fringe to the deep wilds.
Fire Magic - 1. Fireballs, fireshards, flameblades, breathing fire, sweating flame, and most importantly, using it in countless ways to show off. This is what it means to be alive!

1-Swords For Days! +2 Bonus when using Power to make an attack roll with a sword
2-Live Another Day! +2 Quick for overcome actions when escaping a situation
3-Black Dragon, High In The Sky! Reroll failures to using Flair when Defending himself by being a Dragon, once per roll

Power 5
Focus 2
Craft 1
Sneaky 0
Flair 4
Quick 3

Refresh 2
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