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Lia Seawarden

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Name - Tayleigha (Lia) Seawarden

Appearance – Lia is tall and lanky with a swimmer's build – powerful shoulders and long legs that can propel her through the water at speed. On land she favors sarongs and long loose skirts and peasant-style blouses. She dresses her outfits up with colorful scarves and shawls when selling in markets. While traveling her skirts are shorter (to better clamber about a landboat), and she keeps a scarf tied round her head to keep her sun-streaked brown hair out of her face. Her hair is usually in one long braid, tied off with a cord and a feather picked up on the road or at sea. Like all the women in her family, she swims in two scarves, one tied around her upper torso, the other at her groin. Her eyes are a bit of a mystery, a bright vivid green that no on else in the family has, though an aunt once told her that Grandmother Selene looked surprised when she first saw them.

History - Tayleigha Seawarden comes from a long line of sailors and harbor masters who, over time, became the protectors of her hometown of Brightbay. Nestled into the cliffs overlooking a wide and deep bay are thousands of whitewashed adobe buildings, each with a bright blue or green round roof and matching trim. Flowers cascade along the walls of the walkways, windmills jut above all other buildings, and the whole town slopes down to the beach and wharves. The cliffs nearly encircle the town, providing shelter from storms and ocean based attacks (by humans anyway, the Seawardens have much work keeping the town and ships safe from aquatic threats as sea serpents can and do swim up from the deep).

Lia isn't a typical SeaWarden. She went to the lessons. She can swim and fight underwater, and cast spells to ward off aquatic creatures. But her heart isn't in it. What she loves, more than anything, is making things - pretty things to decorate the body and the home. Bits of seaglass, shells, driftwood, pearls, and gems all find their way into her jewelry and the sun catchers she makes for windows. Being the black sheep trader of her family, who has not taken up the mantle of guardianship has lead to tensions with her family, though they are always happy to host her for dinner at home (the better to suggest coming back into the fold and protecting Brightbay).

Lia travels with a dire otter, Kel, who she has raised since she and her father found the pup floating far from any otter colony. Kel is about 9 feet tall when standing on her hind paws, and has a three foot tail. The dark brown otter wears a necklace with a rock on it when not pulling the landboat – the rock is for breaking open shellfish which are Kel's favorite food (though she will eat meat). The landboat is, at its base, a deep wagon with three sturdy wheels on each side. The wagon body is water tight and waxed to a high sheen, making the light wood shine in the sun. There is a collapsible mast with a bright turquoise sail, several watertight chests hidden under gaudy tapestries at the front, and the rear is a small enclosed cabin painted a vibrant magenta. The entire thing is a riot of color, and is Lia's main means of travel between Shadows. Lia can find routes between Shadows over land or by sea and has a trade route she travels to sell her wares.

Looking to make her fortune and to retire to a seaside paradise, Lia wanders the realms – and if she finds out more about the stories of Great-Grandmother Selene, then so much the better.

High Concept - Shadow-Traveling Trader of Shinies
  • For travel between Shadows, along with Pathfinding as a Power
  • Anything involving travel or transport – Lia has been on the road about 5 years now and is familiar with roads, oceans, getting directions, provisioning for a trip, etc.
  • To set up shop and sell good in a market
  • To create her shinies – jewelry and home goods.
  • To barter, make trades, and get gossip or news from other merchants and traders
  • Are customers dissatisfied with her goods? Did her bright and colorful clothing not fit into the local customs of a Shadow?
  • Lia has an impulse to move on to the next town, the next place to sell her goods. She sells from a wagon, not a shop, and tends not to stay any one place longer than a month, typically a few weeks or even a few days.
  • She's got shinies! Do other people want them too? Ones who don't want to pay for them?
  • She and her art are both pretty memorable.
Trouble - Great-Grandma Selene Left Home Too!
Great-Grandma Selene left home, had adventures, and returned home with a baby girl in her arms (grandma) and then settled down with a local man to protect Brightbay and have several more children. Grandma stayed in town and married her childhood sweatheart, while Father (one of the most powerful Seawardens yet) married the daughter of the headman of one of the outlying villages. No one is quite sure who Selene met in her travels who fathered Grandma, and Great-Grandma isn't saying. Maybe he had green eyes though?
  • When being rebellious, standing up to authority
  • When using Pathfinding, as the talent came from Great-Grandma's adventures
  • Someone recognizes those green eyes
  • The family orders black sheep Lia home for something
Other – A Curious and Colorful Dire-Otter Drawn Landboat
  • For travel, outside of Pathfinding – the landboat can go by land or by water
  • The landboat is memorable. People who have seen it remember it
  • For anything involving Kel the otter
  • The landboat is memorable. People who have seen it remember it
  • The landboat is not at all sneaky
  • Otters are a bit mischievous, and may wander off at times
  • Otters prefer shellfish and being wet or damp, which is an issue in some places
Other – Trained by the Seawardens
  • When using water magic (see Powers)
  • On any type of ocean lore or knowledge, also identification of or speculation about sea monsters and whales
  • For fighting – not all the threats to Brightbay are sea serpents, some are humans and Lia has fighting skills (mostly with the knife and machete she carries with her for use on the landboat)
  • Identifying contraband and illegal substances that people try to smuggle into port towns
  • As much as she dislikes it, Lia has strong protective instincts, which can be an issue when you want to be seen only as a trader
  • Someone may recognize her fighting style, or last name. Perhaps for less positive reasons.
  • To help others with ocean based problems such as smuggling, low fish stocks, sea serpents, or missing boats
Other – (reserved for future use)

Power 2
Focus 5
Craft 3
Sneak 0
Flair 2
Quick 3

Pathfinder -1 : Pathfinder is defined as a power.

Seawarden Water Magic -1 : The ability to make water move, think waterbending. This is more powerful when in Brightbay and the surrounding waters, being developed for those seas. When in Brightbay or nearby, a Seawarden can summon riptides, whirlpools, and can move a whale (or sea serpent) or a ship. Outside of the native shadow, the power is weaker and can affect one person strongly (knocking them over) or a crowd weakly (look, you're all in a giant puddle).
"Ebb" (move water out of an area), "Flow" (make water move), and "Twist" (whirlpools and waterspouts).

1 – Maker of Shinies – When creating items of the sort that she sells (jewelry, wall hangings, macrame, nets (yes, she also sells nets, she learned to make them in Brightbay and many people need nets) Lia gets a +2 bonus to her craft skill.
2 – My Trusty Blades – when using her knife of machete, which she has been trained with and which she has been using for years, Lia gets a +2 on her attack rolls with Focus.
3 – Hey Look, It's an Otter! And How About That Wagon? - when not with her wagon or with Kel, and not wearing any of her scarves, Lia has a +2 to Sneak.

Refresh 2
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Re: Lia Seawarden

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Yes, replying to yourself is poor form. But I do feel the sheet may need some work on aspects and other items, I welcome feedback.

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