Adapting FATE to the forum

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Adapting FATE to the forum

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Mostly this isn't an issue; it's relatively obvious how to translate time-spans like "a scene" or "an adventure".

However, there's one core time-span that doesn't translate well at all: "a game session", which is the time scale on which fate points refresh.

My notion for how to deal with that is to put fate point refreshes as "Whenever there's a significant break in the current action." That could be going home and going to sleep. That could be "Okay, we're waiting for the thief to strike again; it'll probably be a week." That could be as simple as "Wow, that was an exciting morning; let's go find some lunch."

The one potential flaw I see with this is that it does mean that fate points could refresh at different rates or times for different characters. My suspicion is that this wouldn't prove to be a problem in actual play, but it would be something to keep an eye on and consider adjusting if there are any actual issues.
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