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Monster Lore

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(This is for some notes on monsters that come up. Particularly things that violate the normal canon.)

Goblins don't normally have personal names. References like "Big Nose", "Jagged Tooth" and "Pox Face" may work as a short-term way to refer to one, but they rapidly forget which of them had which nicknames.

Goblin leaders have names. Their toadies have names. But, they are the exception.
(The fact the first goblin to ever have a name is Dobby is likely an OOC joke.)

Two goblins in a close relationship, like a scouting party, may use the forbidden practice of giving each other secret-names that only they know. That way they can tell each other apart. This is a fairly rare practice, as it's punishable by scapegoating (see below) and goblins rarely form close ties.

As a side effect of this, unless a goblin is caught in the act of committing a crime, it is impossible to bring justice to them. This is one reason why they focus on stealth. Since, not being caught is the same as innocence. Leaders, of course, are the law, so cannot commit crimes. Goblins with forbidden names are simply named as the perpetrators of all crimes until they are killed. (This includes accusations of parentage.)

Some goblins apparently speak halfling.
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