Basic Timeline

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Basic Timeline

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(I can use more ideas! Give me some! Help more of this make sense!)

The Mythic Age
The Creation of the Elves and Dwarves. The creation of the Humans and Gnomes. The creation of the Halflings.
The races came together to a massive world-wide society of equality and knowledge.
Most monsters did not exist at this point, although there was a bit of experimentation with magic. Golems and magic hybrids, mostly. Extra-planner things existed, but overall, they only caused issues in isolated incidents. Or so the records told.

The Day of Green Sky: Approximately 1500 years ago. (Name and date subject to change.)
A massive magic explosion at one of the largest eastern cities, warping the area and giving birth to many, many monsters.
The eastern side of the continent is almost completely destroyed overnight, nothing civilized survives. In its place, is a horde of the first humanoids. (Orcs, goblins, hobgoblins, bugbears and ogres.) Other monstrosities appeared: waves of undead, mutated creatures, and perhaps demons, dragons etc...

The Dark Ages: Years 0 - 1000-ish of the new calendar (AD? After Darkness?)
Starting with a 100-years war that devastated the old world, almost all of civilization on the western side of the continent was lost. The least devastated areas were mono-cultures, leading to a superstition that the cataclysm was caused by "the mixing of the races." (one legend says it was a half-dwarf-half-elf.) Elves, being the longest lived race, have not forgotten this time. Dwarves, similarly long lived, also don't want to associate with elves. Humans, having more generations, are more forgiving and thus more forgiven. (Same with Halflings.)

Recovery: Around 900-1300-ish
Dozens of new Human kingdoms are formed, and many wars are fought between them.
Elves and Dwarves mostly keep to themselves, each in a major central kingdom.
Halflings, well, just kinda crop up in hills in other kingdoms and ask to stay. Most are grudgingly allowed.

It is first noticed that making areas civilized, with towns and farming, reduces the appearance of monsters.

The Renaissance: around 1300-1500-ish (now-ish)
The humans consolidate into 5 major kingdoms, and these kingdoms sign an alliance. Slowly, the other races reintegrate, but are still a rare sight.
Finally, there's a push of civilization to the East. The main town is the current vanguard of this effort, although many still think it a fool's errand, and not many resources are currently devoted to the action.
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