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Name: Threnody

Description: Although in one plane she has visited Threnody was mistaken for a draconic "Ah-nyoo-bis," whatever that might be, Threnody is in truth a half-dragon. Nevertheless she admits there was a surprising amount of resemblance, once one allowed for the gender difference, digitigrade legs, and her dragon's tail. Her head is distinctly jackal-like, with slightly larger than average ears and a narrow snout, and lacks horns or frills of any sort. Her maternal species, as was typical for her home plane, had minimal sexual dimorphism and so despite her paternal human blood to most mammalian species Threnody can quite readily come across as rather androgynous. She is of what would be average height and weight, were she human, despite the additional weight of her tail as her build is exceedingly lean and she lacks wings. Her base coloration is rather like that of an Abyssinian, though in place of ticking the variegation is instead a static/flat pattern. Her limbs and tail have a relatively sparse pattern of bright gold (in the same sort of way a Morpho butterfly is a bright blue) stripes, which shift into loose whorls of the same color on her body. Despite the brightness these markings are normally no more reflective than the rest of her scales (which is to say, not terribly but more so than skin or fur). What is not immediately obvious (nor expected, at least by most planes' biological limitations) is that these markings are in fact capable of bio-luminescence with a slight effort. The resultant light is the same golden hue and is not terribly bright, rather like a firefly-strength summer sunlight. This can also be triggered by strong fight-or-flight instincts, though given Threnody's training and control this typically only crops up when she's exceedingly angry or fearful for someone else's safety (not her own).

Threnody is relatively indifferent to garb but out of respect for conventions will generally be wearing a loose-fitting tunic and pants/shorts of some sort, typically in golds/creams/browns. She is in fact quite comfortable without any clothing, being raised on a world where for the dominant species clothing was basically just cloth-based jewelry/equipment. She also typically wears a pair of fingerless gloves, relatively close in hue to her own scales; on the rare occasions she is without, a pattern of almost pearlescent white scales can be seen on the back of her right hand and wrist (if asked about them she will refuse to answer). She will sometimes sport a hooded cloak to mask her silhouette somewhat but as it would take full-body coverage to conceal her nature she doesn't really see a point in bothering.

(Example pics for mental reference: this or this for overall build, minus the fur/feathers; example for color, sans the white chin; and for markings, minus the limning effect around head/paws/tail {animated model for better/different viewing angles})

Home Shadow: N/A


High Concept: "Ronin Seeker"
Ever since she left the Monastery*, Threnody has been wandering, seeking. Seeking what, she does not know, at least not consciously. Perhaps a new truth, perhaps absolution, perhaps a new home (though deep inside she both hopes and fears that no such place exists that would replace her home in her heart)... Whatever it is, it has been decades by her best estimate since she walked out into the worlds once more and she is walking still.
  • Can get by on very little
  • Adapts to new situations very quickly (nothing new under the sun(s), after all)
  • Though never quite at home she is rarely truly out of place either (similar to prior, but slightly different slant)
  • No place to call home (though the Monastery comes close)
  • Local ties are minimal at best, and that only if she's been here a while or passed through previously
  • ?
Trouble: "Did you just punch out Bahamut?"
A half-breed mongrel born of a lower caste species of dragon, it was perhaps no surprise that as a hatchling Threnody looked up to the deity Akamidara, before whom it was said all dragons were equal. She never grew out of that admiration, though, and when society did its best to pen her into the expected lot of her mother's kin she fought back with a ferocity and tenacity unusual even in her homeland's fractious culture. Again and again she defeated greater foes and again and again she was dismissed, until all that (she felt) was left was to challenge Akamidara herself; even a loss would surely prove her might... By this point she'd found the Fang of Tamtiaru but had not yet figured out its true nature or powers; she did so in the fight against Akamidara to a horrible end, striking down the very deity she worshiped. To this much she will bluntly, almost harshly admit; but there is more to her sorrow than even that could explain... Too, she says she tried to surrender the Fang into safekeeping but that the attempt failed (though she will not say why) and so she bears it still.
  • Don't sweat the small stuff, and given enough perspective everything can be small...
  • It takes more than raw power (magical, physical, or both) to intimidate her
  • Bonus to intimidation, whether simply from having the Fang or for having it and seemingly not feeling the need to use it in combat against most foes (more rarely, from knowing that she slew Akamidara and ruined a shadow)
  • Power corrupts, or at least that's what many might assume...
  • Power calls to power - as weapons antithetical to the fabric of reality go, the Fang is both weak and tame, but it still is what is is and there are those who will desire it for its nature
  • Disproportionate penance - she will not idly stand by in the face of something she feels is similar
  • Wary of her own strength/temper
"Half-breed Bastard of No-one Important..."
There are humans where Threnody came from, or at least something quite similar in form, but they are at best one step shy of being considered outright vermin by the various species of dragon that rule her home plane. Even the lowest caste species, like that of her mother, look down on them as pitiful creatures just clever enough to be a nuisance. So when Threnody was born the obvious conclusion was leapt to with no hesitation and it did neither mother nor daughter any favors. Her mother always insisted her father was a great being (as opposed to a creature like the human-analogues, an important distinction) with a strength unlike any she'd seen but had no proof and so even Threnody never quite believed her. But something Akamidara said when the two were fighting has made her wonder whether her heinous accomplishment owes its entirety to the Fang of Tamtiaru or whether her mother really was speaking the truth...
  • Sturdier and more resilient than humans or other similar beings (probably more so than if she'd been born of a higher caste species)
  • Her mother really was telling the truth, for her father was an Amberite and though her inhuman form masks it somewhat the blood of Amber carries a weight of its own
  • ?
  • Vaguely humanoid in build, but clearly not human (or elf or dwarf) - easy target for prejudices
  • While she's reasonably self confident on a personal level, she doesn't think much of her heritage (either half)
  • Though she doesn't consider humans vermin she does tend to unconsciously consider draconic species as being superior
"The Monastery at the Storm's Eye"
Threnody's memories of the couple months immediately after accidentally killing her god are... confused, to say the least, but her first clear recollection is of arriving at the Monastery*. In its walls she was able to put herself back together again and find peace once more and subsequently was taught the control necessary to prevent any recurrences. (She is not unaware of the implications of the order of those two events...)
  • Turbulent zen - even when flustered/upset there's still a core of inner peace... usually
  • Chance acquaintances - few of Threnody's fellows at the monastery have proven as footloose as she has, or generally as long-lived, but time flows strangely between worlds and sometimes paths cross in unexpected places
  • ?
  • Don't sweat the small stuff, even when you really should...
  • Tends to look down on groups or people who seem to be completely disordered (without good reason, at least), though as her definition of "order" is rather more flexible than most if someone points out an underlying logic/structure...
  • The monastery is neither vault nor prison but it nonetheless contains great powers; it has never been breached in its known history (hard to attack something you cannot find), but there are those that might wish to try by roundabout means...
? (to be filled in later)

  • Fang of Tamtiaru (-2, freebie)
  • Pathfinder (-1)
  • Because I've trained to be a master of melee combat, I get +2 to defend with focus in melee
  • Because I have seen many battles, I get a +2 to create an advantage in tactical situations with craft, provided I have encountered a similar situation previously
  • ?

Other relevant info:

The Monastery*
Its true name is known only to those who have found it (or perhaps more accurately, been found by it), but outside of its walls it is most commonly known as the Monastery at the Storm's Eye if it is known of at all. The precise location of the Monastery is unknown, the path never the same twice, and despite the similarity in names if it is in fact located in Balcone it is astonishingly well hidden (if asked, Threnody will say she believes it is not there). Not everyone who is soul-wounded finds the Monastery but all who do find it are, for it is a place for respite and healing from wounds so deep they risk shattering a being's very self. For those for whom true balance can never be regained it is a sanctuary for however long they may live, but for most it is a temporary residence until they can regain control of themselves and their troubles, even if only by learning how to safely ride the storm's winds...

Fang of Tamtiaru
<Description to come later, but when sheathed it's surprisingly innocuous unless you've the ability to sense Powers.>
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