Character: Korarin

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Character: Korarin

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Siren - Basically a merman with an alluring voice who can charm the water/wind to aid him. As well as people; mostly accidently
Kora has shoulder length blue-green hair. It looks like he has pieces of kelp (the pretty kind) swirling around with his hair. His ears are like the fins fish have, his lower arms also have fins. He has gills on the sides of his neck. His tail is a pretty blue-silver. Very faint are a crisscrossing of scars some on his arms and fins. They look like the teeth of a large predator.

High concept - Seclusive Seaborne muse
Korarin loves singing. He has a very pretty voice, if you have the opportunity to hear it. If he's not singing he's usually humming. His voice is so enchanting that people, the wind, and the waves can be affected. Sometimes, this can cause problems with ships and sailors following his voice.
To sing or hum
To attract attention while singing
To perform underwater, especially with an audible component
To be recognized as an artist/performer
To inspire others

To run away
To reveal his position while hiding from nervous singing/humming
To be popular
To be uncomfortable in social situation
To attract attention while singing

Trouble - Lost to the Depths
Kora has been on his own for as long as he can remember. Just him and the empty blue-green waters. Not knowing anything about the world at the time he just drifted along until something caught his attention. Kora is curious yet shy. He enjoys traveling through the seas looking for new and interesting places. Shipwrecks and underwater caves are some of his favorite finds. Observing villages and new cultures is another. Kora doesn't interact with people normally. He will rescue someone drowning or return a lost treasure if the situation arises.
Invoke -
To show up in an aquatic-related scene
To recognise sea-monsters
To know aquatic survival skills
To know basic natural medicine
When identifying sunken ruins and wrecks
when looking for treasure
to pick-up new and foreign mannerisms

Compel -
To wander elsewhere when he shouldn't
To be socially distant
When he can help someone in trouble
To be overly inquisitive
To end up on his own

Avid Collector of Shinies
Korarin has a habit of collecting treasures, or what he feels are treasures that he finds. Not always able to carry them with him, or worry that something or someone will steal it has lead him to finding locations to store them.
To have various shinies
To procure items thought lost at sea
To find pretty shinies at sea
To have a Hidden Lair of Shinies
When working to acquire shinies

Unfortunately, it's a distant underwater cave
I think I might have stashed it for safekeeping
To wander off to go find more shinies
To find a safe place to leave shinies

Aspect -
Aspect -

Aspect -
Power: 1 ; lean and fit from years spent swimming the seas, plus the occasional influence from a certain brash pirate
Focus: 4 ; Korarin seems to be a lot more of a watching than doing, taking his time to observe and get things right.
Crafty: 1 - he may only have seen rusty devices, but lots of them in his travels, as well as how to make medical supplies out of basic materials. Plus, escaping sharks takes some lateral tactics, not just speed and endurance because they will catch up eventually.
Sneak: 2- He has a lot of practice remaining unnoticed, but tends to prefer remaining distant overlooked rather than close and subtle
Flashy: 4 - Usually he has a closed character, but when properly motivated he can steal the stage with breathtaking vocals and elaborate command of the wind and waves.
Quick: 3 - As with Power, he has a well honed swimmers physique, and no shortage of opportunities to use it to leave with haste.

Stunt - "Fast Swimmer" that grants you a +2 to Quickly overcome while swimming
Stunt - Because I have an "Enchanting Voice" I can use a Flashy approach to make an Advantage at +2 as a result of my singing.
Stunt - Because I have a Satchel of Shinies, once per scene I can pull out something relavant (and shiny!) to a problem at hand.

Stormsong-2pt - Can charm the wind and water and occasionally people with his voice into to following his wishes.
Shapeshift-0pt - can trade his fins out for legs to walk on land.
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