10 Years Later

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10 Years Later

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I was going to restart this but... one idea was to continue Between the Shadows. I think having reflections of that game might be interesting, but there's enough changes between nWoD and Chronicles of Darkness (CoD?) that doing it from the ground up might be better.

Still, there's a lot of interesting ideas there.

An elder goes into torpor due to age / an upcoming cataclysm. Over the past 20 years, it is assumed a new prince took praxis. When the elder returns, he ignores the upstart prince, puts down a spirit that was capable of destroying the city, and then the new prince mysteriously dies in an unrelated event. The elder kills the assassin and reclaims the city in time to face the fallout of the death of the great city-killer spirit.

It's almost as if he wrote the story from the beginning and it's time for a new twist. Not a coincidence that Simeon was designed to draw blood form his own legend / reputation. (Unfortunately, he's still a BP away from making his custom bloodline.)

While this was not used much last game, I like a lot of the ideas here.
  • Wyatt is likely to be able to have some more power. They REALLY upped the power of a lot of the powers he uses. It would be interesting to see what can be built for him.
  • Friend as the lost great-grandsire of a PC is a nice idea. John kinda enjoyed when that came up and it's a fun bloodline. Some fo the devotions would need retooling, but "Flow of Fear" is still one of my favorite devotions.
  • Peter's potential connection with the stryx is fascinating. Touching the razor's edge of final frenzy and stepping back is a potential way to bring something back with you. Or, the slightly-way-too-mainstream idea that perhaps Peter didn't return. Perhaps a Stryx did, mistaking itself for PEter, and the beast that rages inside him is actually Peter in final frenzy.
  • Joey should just have his age reduced. Just bump up the date he was embraced. Maybe tie him to a PC.
The fallout of the Draugr attack would be interesting to see. Nang Yai has strengthened his position but is likely more in need of travel.
Also, Gargoyle form is now a standard devotion. Although, the city gangrel version is still different and doesn't require Protean 5.

Is just fun. Seriously... These are awesome characters. Count Zahl REALLY needs to show up somewhere.
Mr. Cooper's regent really needs to show up in Albany.
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