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 Post subject: Kerberos
PostPosted: Thu Apr 10, 2008 10:30 pm 
Prismatic Pangolin

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Name: Kerberos
Race: Demon Lord
Gender: Male

Kerberos has three forms, much like a werewolf. In all of them, however, the right side of his face is ruined; the eye missing, and the flesh blackened, burned, and scarred. The damage stretches from ear to throat.

His human form resembles a stereotypical barbarian warrior - albeit with white hair. Even this form has some clear hints of his true heritage, however. His one eye resembles that of a winter wolf, as do his teeth and claws.

Kerberos' hybrid form is even more massively built, and looms seven feet tall. Ice cakes his fur, ranging from just a faint speckling of frost, to solid plates of blue-white armor seemingly excavated from the depths of a glacier.
He often layers the ice thickly over the right side of his head - perhaps to conceal his deformity, or perhaps to simply provide a bit more protection for his blind side.

Kerberos' wolf form is nearly indistinguishable from a true winter wolf - at least, it would be if he dismissed the ice that flows around him like a second skin. Odd, though; while he may be a bit larger than an average winter wolf, he's certainly nowhere near the size that an elder wolf could reach...

(Note: this reputation listing is based on what you'd get from a knowledge: religion check.)
Str: 32
Dex: 22
Con: 12
Int: 5
Wis: 5
Cha: 25

Kerberos ("The Broken") is a clearly failed experiment, his physical disabilities topped by an idiot-savant mentality. He's good at fighting, and constructing demons, but is otherwise capable of only marginal functionality at best.
He is known to understand abyssal, but cannot speak it.

The most interesting part of his reputation is his origin; the demon lord Nathrezell created Kerberos from a piece of Terobog, who was once one of (if not the) most powerful demon lord. After Kerberos' creation, Nathrezell gave him to the demon lord Gjear, where he has been ever since.

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