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Re: Character Creation

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Ambidextrous is 6xp. (level 3 merit x 2 = 6 xp) Since it has only one level you do not pay for each point separately.

For Staking, I believe it's "fill up the damage bar", so into torpor. Aaron, just for clarity, should Bashing damage count? (IE: I have 9 health, I get hit for 5 bashing from gunshots, and get attacked with a stake. The staker gets 4 successes. I have 4 lethal and 5 bashing. Am I staked?)

IMHO, the idea that Julii are just an old form of Ventrue is the easiest way to deal with them in this kind of setting, and has a precedent:
Julii <--> Ventrue
Hollow <--> Mehkit

I would suggest Engineering to replace computers. Involving Telecommunications, Radio, working on cars and airplanes, and uning electricity without blowing fuses / starting fires. (Harder than you might think.)
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Re: Character Creation

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1. increased the spread lower xp to main attribute.

2. Was simpler creation. If we have someone making a human who wants to be embraced they aren't going to be using the vampire creation rules anyways so will deal with it when it comes up.

3. It encourages plot and character interaction.

4. We will be using most of the old house rules I will get them up shorty. As for broken most martial arts I have been asked for have been the ones I think are even more broken, not that I was surprised.

5. Because no one has had a good reason for it has asked and just cause I want to have max stats isn't a good reason. And I personally think characters should have the ability to grow after character creation.

6. Finishing that up but basically gives you effective 1 legion status, the ability to travel between cities if you want, and slightly more importance in the eyes of the npcs/courts.

7. PC's will probably not have 4rth or 5th status. If they do get them it will require a good amount of game supporting the idea and be free.

8. I have not read the rome book for balance but torpor makes you forget things. Because Players never do that. If the players start scheming and politicing in ways that don't end in combat scenes every time then they will be successful on their own and be able to request stuff from their covenant. But no if you sit there and do nothing to help your covenant they will not just teach you stuff. As for at creation, well if you start with everything you want you have no motivation. Prove me wrong and the rule will change. But these rules are based on the fact I have seen what each player makes and likes to make and motivates the best.

9. Because they can see it and dodge it just as well as a fist. I have shot bows. The only reason in my mind you can't try to dodge a bullet is it is so much faster and smaller you just can't see it.

10. Yes its nerfed and double nerfed. It broke the last game in multiple ways so it basically goes away now.

11. Then do it and you will get stuff see the above line.

12. Damage equal to their total number of health levels not current, that solves the gun question josh posed. If there is a loop hole that I missed I may have to change it. Basically combat steaking is not meant to be a real option which the books seem to imply from what I have heard.
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