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The main question for obfuscate is when it discusses clash of wills, there's about three paragraphs worth of info, and it seems to give 2(ish) conflicting systems. Needs to be resolved which rolls you make and when. I think vanishing should be a static Int+Stealth+Obfuscate roll (basically just don't suck at it), and then the "clash of wills" should all be Wits on both sides.

Also, with trying to simplify the defense rules / rolls, how much does this affect powers that have an actual resistance roll? Where is the line? I think it's great to remove counter-rolling from things that have no active resistance, even though it does tend to make for the aggressor getting more successes, it evens it out across the powers... but what is "active" resistance? Clearly Auspex v Obfuscate. Some specific powers also allow you to substitute a power roll for a resistance rolls (read the Spina's discipline). So, if there's a power, you use that instead of just having a defense score. But finally, what about Majesty (whatever they call that power now). I think that's normally an active roll the would-be-attacker makes against the user.

So here was my thought... if the power has no counter-power defense, in most cases you'll be making a pull of:
Attr + Abil + Disc - (defender's Attr + BP)

In the case of an "opposed" power such as Auspex v Obfuscate each person will make their own (uncontested) pull, perhaps with situational modifiers, and whoever has more successes wins. Of course, ties frustrate this system...
Attr + Abil + Disc vs Attr + Abil + Disc

In some cases a power will generate a situation which must be "opposed", e.g. Majesty. I would recommend a separate opposed pull for each instance. I'm not sure why but this seems more reasonable. Probably because it downplays the ability of the single person to use willpower/blood to thwart a whole crowd. Of course these opposed situations don't have full die pools...

The other option for these situations is to make one pull the first time it matters / on activation, and use those successes as a number to beat. The trade-offs are less pulling cards, and buffing stats favors the user of the power (such as spending a will on the roll to activate, only pulling once means that will affects the crowd).

Finally, I think Dread (Nightmare 2) should be opposed in a fashion similar to Majesty - those with higher stats and a better card pull can shake off the effects.

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