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Approaching Wahi-Samskra from the Jade Empire is a rather sudden affair - the train tracks along through empty badlands, and then there's a curve around a mesa and the dragon line runs down through carefully-irrigated fields, then out onto a long, low bridge over the Lifeblood river.

The city itself is walled, and the train station (and, yes, Embassy again) is outside those walls - along with a scattering of dwellings and buildings; it doesn't look like this is a city that's seen war within recent memory.

The architecture is distinctive - tall, flat-roofed buildings, designed to encourage breezes and let the hottest air rise above the level of their human inhabitants. The very richest feature feature complex arrangements of fountains, pools, and waterfalls - part decorative consumption, part evaporative cooling.

Immediately outside the train station is something of a free-for-all marketplace, mobile stalls jockeying for position along a broad plaza that leads towards the city proper.

And off in the distance, inside the walls, is the tall pyramid-temple of the local priesthood, decorated with fanciful hippopotamus-themed sculptures.
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