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Hassan I Sabbah

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Hassan is a tall man, tanned, wearing desert clothes. https://www.deviantart.com/tugodoomer/a ... -297090439 Add in a bandana that covers his lower face showing only his eyes.
He is often seen with a rifle at his back and sword at his hip. Hassan relocated to the jade empire when he was young.Hassan is a mercenary hired to guide Caravans through desert trade routes. It was his job to plan the caravans that would bring water, food and metal to the tribes getting desert animals, armed retainers, other mined metals and rare plants for medicinal purposes. Hassan is known planner using others to talk or bargain for him. He is known for well planned, provisioned routes that are well guarded. He often serves as a forward scout for the caravan making certain that the route ahead matches with expectations.His abilities as a ranger see him well paid.

High Concept:
Unassuming traveler:
Hassan learned early in his exploration that it is better to blend into crowds. Shake hands, be polite and save the real conversation for later. Watch everything. People reveal much about themselves when they interact with others. Stay clear headed, maintain a low profile and reveal nothing.

To avoid getting intoxicated.
To keep from giving away too much about myself.
To see the connections between people at a party or event.
To overhear or listen to a conversation without participating in it.

To be seen as the outsider.
To be asked to prove intentions
To be offered drink, food and conversation.
To be offered "Great opportunities"

Trouble: If you don't see the body, they're not dead.
From time to time Hassan has had to fight for his caravan. Many times He would scare off potential raiders by shooting those riding up on the caravan. He rarely went back to make sure his opponents were dead. This changed the night the white tiger shaman attacked with his clan's warriors. They came out of nowhere. They attacked in the night,riding in and burning 1/2 the caravan before he set up proper resistance. This is when he changed tactics. He would ride off 1 week before the caravan left to deal with potential raiders and check the survivors for sorcery or other skills allowing the manipulation of local shadow. If he was fighting a group that was particularly strong he would go out of his way to take someone down for questioning. A shot in the shoulder knocking them off the horse and unconscious as opposed to the chest is one of his favorite ways to appear to kill someone. He learned to set up fake tracks, leave an area quickly and on occasion fake his own death so that the raiders would think they'd won.

To fake his death
To analyze corpses
To double Tap
To "Save" his opponents
To analyze a crime scene

To keep him from leaving until he is certain that his enemies are dead.
To be surprised when an enemy returns.
To need to return and turn the table on an enemy
To be framed for murder or other crime
To have an enemy turn up just as he would complete his escape

A friend in every port.
Hassan has worked his routes for years and he received it from his ancestors who made the first explorations to shadows beyond the empire. He spends the better part 6 months setting up money, points of interest, contacts and trading posts with factors in a new shadow. Adding a new stop is a very slow process. Hassan spends to time buying, bribing, scouting and making sure that the potential resources gained in the form of people, goods or money are worthwhile. If there is no oasis he will often find shadows near an oasis for resupply.

To know where he can get a deal.
To know someone or some group.
To have knowledge of the locality.
To know the local legends.
To have a stash of local currency saved with a bank or local factor.

It's good to see you. I have the perfect item for trade if you can help me acquire it.
Charity sir, please!
Where is<name of person in caravan>. He despoiled my daughter. They are to be married.
You owe me money
Our <government> finds that you charge too much. You must pay a tax to trade here.

Old Man Hassan
Hassan has that weathered skin that shows his hands have been exposed to the desert sun for many years. His eyes show an awareness and confidence that only comes with age and knowing one's abilities. His eyes have a touch of sadness born of experience and wisdom. His movements show a quickness that has dulled with age. There is an economy to them. They lack fourish and finesse, but he knows exactly where he wants to move, completing his movements with the smallest amount of energy possible.
To be overlooked compared to younger, faster threats.
To be shown the respect of an elder.
To make enemies overconfident, in battle.
To seem trraditional and opposed to the newest views or trends.
To act tired when he is not.

To force him to act slower... physically.
To have the young misunderstand his opinions.
To be asked for advice at inconvenient times.
To need to remember to "act his age"
To lack the passion of youth.

1 unfilled aspects

Power: Hassan brings some strength physically and mentally to his activities.
Focus: Every thing Hassan does is well planned. He researches multiple exit plans, scouting and re-supply plans. He is known to watch his enemies before making a move and being incredibly accurate when predicting their responses.
Sneak: Hassan is known for discretion. Often times people on the caravan wake up to find him gone scouting, leaving no tracks and no one remembers him leaving.
Quick: Hassam is capable of sudden, mildly impressive bursts of speed. In his youth he might have been one of the quickest gun draws alive.
Craft: Hassan is a trapper, potion master and alchemist extraordinaire.
Flare: Hassan blends into the background. Calling attention to himself is not one of his specialties.

Pathfinder (free),

Hassan spends a lot of time building traps, potions and playing with science. Because of this he receives +2 to craft when creating an advantage using alchemy.

Unknown Stunt:3

refresh -2
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Re: Hassan I Sabbah

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(( Just after Hassan's encounter with Lord Varaya, on a ship that was fated to explode... ))

You're being chased, by something dark with too many limbs and joints that bend in odd directions. It occurs to you that this is a dream, but something about it all feels... off. Dreams can kill, if you end up in the wrong shadow. Were you in one of those? It's hard to be certain, here in the dream. Probably best to keep running.

The path twists and turns, the sky above shifting to an ominous red, striated with bands of orange clouds that rip past each other, flowing in opposite directions and forming vast glowing vortices that take the place of suns. You're quite certain you've never been here before, but something about it seems familiar, as if you know- ah, there, a dark hole pinned to the flickering shadow of something that is, at best, vaguely tree-like; you dodge through it, and the sky is gone - not dark or shadowed, but missing entirely, a tearing absence that would rend the mind of a less experienced traveler.

The thing chasing you follows, then screams as it crosses that boundary, eyes shutting - but not fast enough, and the hungry absence where the sky ought to be rips it to pieces.

You keep your focus ahead of you, though, on a spit of grey stone that reaches out, over a cliff's edge. You know this path, coiling around as that spike of stone stretches into a spire, rising upwards from the edge of the world, the definition of 'down' faltering as you climb, until the last bit of distance you're simply floating, careful to keep a hand on the stone at all times; the not-sky is hungry, and would just as gladly eat you as your pursuer. Pursuers? Another scream sounds, far behind you, but that's not important now -

-- something gleams up ahead -

---- there's a sudden tearing pain in your head -

And then you're awake again, lying in the bottom of a boat, Juno looking down as she puts away an empty healing potion.
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