Important Setting Questions

Ponderings and notes about how to run a superhero setting using FATE.

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Important Setting Questions

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When & where is the game set? Are cell phones ubiquitous, or fanciful super-spy gadgets? Do we have post 9/11 paranoia or is it still possible to go meet someone as they depart their plane? Are we running with a generic (or non-generic) US city, or going further afield?

How long have powers been around, and what caused them to start appearing? Note that it's possible to posit a world that has always had powers, but then we have an entire alternate history to deal with. On the flip side, we can also posit a world where powers are just now starting to manifest and nobody knows how to deal with them.

What are the primary themes of the game? Power versus control? With great power comes great responsibility? This one's wide open for player suggestions...
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