"Game is dead"

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"Game is dead"

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I've gotten that declaration from Josh on at least three occasions, now, and, after some discussion with other players, I'm inclined to let the most recent one stand.

For me, in large part, it boils down to communication issues.
I knew, going into this, that I'd have to do run interference between Josh and Veyska; for reasons that still aren't entirely clear, there are just persistent miscommunication and misinterpretation issues there (at least when text is the communication medium; might be better with tone of voice and body language added in, but that's not doable in a forum game; even just describing tone and gestures isn't the same.)

However, it's become clear that, if I wanted to keep this game going, I would need to do similar translation services not just for her, but also for Kitsune's carefully-crafted posts, and even to some extent my own. And it's just too much.

My apologies to all involved; this is not how I wanted this to go.
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