Arada Kin

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Arada Kin

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Arada Kin is a charismatic young* oriental woman and current owner of the Feng-Huang's Feathers tea house. She is technically a newcomer (originally Japanese-American), though she's been in Lastfell for over a decade and (mostly) fits in.
* Kin claims to be 24 - though she doesn't have an accurate sense of how long the migo had her, and so her claims could be off by a few years in either direction. And that's before considering the potential differences between subjective and elapsed time.

Her arrival was more than a bit traumatic, and she claims to not even remember her original name; 'Arada' as a family name roughly translates as 'new beginning', and 'Kin' means gold.
Which, for anyone who speaks Japanese, could be a clue that she's somehow connected to a gold-scaled monster that turned up around the same time she did - though sightings of the beast have tapered off in recent years...

At first just another child on the street, she soon ended up under the protection of Kim Woo - which lead, in turn, to her adoption by Belinda Wynn, the (former) owner of the Feng-Huang's Feathers tea house. Since then, she's learned a great deal about how to function in polite society... with the occasional after-hours expedition; where Kim takes direct action with a pair of blades, Kin keeps her distance - more scout or spy than avenger. She's also put together a fox-masked costume for such outings; it's a bit creepy, but less outright terrifying than the golden beast without the disguise.

More recent events have been a bit more tragic; a wasting disease took Ms. Wynn, and pushed Kin to the edge of death as well; she's on her feet again now, but is still visibly thin and frail in ways she wasn't beforehand. There have been some hints that this disease was an attempt to convert Ms. Wynn into a migo infiltrator; how that all went down is left as a story that might be revealed in an occasional flashback.
[+] Character Sheet

Code: Select all

Arada Kin
Archetype: Tea Master
Motivation: Hope
Flaws: Secret, Merciful

1[2] body
3[4] dexterity
1[3] strength
6[2] charisma
3    intelligence
2    willpower

0    size
6[8] move (str+dex, or athletics rating if higher)
5    perception (int+will)
6[7] initiative (dex+int)
4[7] defense (1[3] passive from body [and armor], 3[4] active from dex)
1[2] stun (just body)
3[4] health (body+will)
8[4] sanity (cha+will)

skills: rating[transformed if different](level)

3   (0) academics (philosophy) - int
8   (5) alienism - int
3   (0) anthropology - int
3   (0) art (poetry) - int
6[8](5) athletics - str (includes throwing weapons)
2[4](1) martial arts (tai chi) - str (tai chi is +1 punch/block, -1 grapple/kick; otherwise functions as brawl)
4[0](-) con - charisma
3   (0) connoisseur - int
4   (1) craft (chemistry) - int
6[2](0) diplomacy - cha
8   (5) empathy - int
3   (0) gambling - int
4[0](-) intimidation - cha
4   (1) investigation - int
3   (0) medicine - int
1[3](0) melee - str
6   (0) performance - cha
4   (1) science (chemistry) - int
4[5](1) stealth - dex
4[0](-) streetwise - cha

Talent: Charismatic  (+1 charisma, +1 max charisma)
0 Refuge - tea house
0 Artifact - golden scales
  grants +1 body, +1 dex, +2 str, +1 passive defense, void-sight*, dagger-spined tail (+2 enhancements for a manticore tail; 1L 'throwing' weapon with a 10' range) - total enhancements +11
  at cost of:
    -4 cha, 1 nonlethal damage & 1 sanity damage when effect wears off (shapeshifting is exhausting both physically and mentally)
    flaw: multiple, but only providing an extra two enhancements worth - meaning if any one flaw becomes relevant, that activation is 'paid for' and no style point need be spent.  Thrill Seeker, Illiterate*, Monster**
  * Void-Sight: an ability to see the spaces between; when there's no non-euclidean geometry or arcane energies in play, this is just x-ray vision.  And, much to Kin's annoyance, it -replaces- her regular sight - thus the 'illiterate' flaw; it's not that she suddenly doesn't know how to read, it's that something as thin and insubstantial as a page of paper or a layer of paint is effectively invisible; this also covers an inability to see colors.  Clothes are barely visible... but the same goes for skin - it's not a pleasant way to view the world.  Energy - arcane or electrical or otherwise - looks much like physical mass to this sight; it's not always easy for her to tell the difference between an eldritch ward and an iron wall.  And then, of course, when there -are- non-euclidean geometries around - well, her unique perspective may offer some useful or unexpected (or occasionally unwanted or outright horrifying) insight.
  ** 'Monster' is a re-themed version of the 'criminal' social flaw, with essentially the same effect: people will tend to distrust the golden beast, or turn her in to the authorities if they get a chance.
  And, as an extra note on that manticore tail: while that does mean that she's never unarmed, she prefers to use actual thrown weapons when she can; kunai or shuriken being her favorites, though she'll resort to more traditional european-style throwing knives or axes if she's trying not to leave a signature - or if they're just what she has at hand.
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