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Forum Rules

Post by Joshua »

(If you're looking for character rules try Character Creation or wait for the FAQ to be written.)

General Rule:
  • Rule 1: You are an adult. Don't be a jerk. If you don't understand this, no amount of explaining will correct that.
  • As far as I am concerned, the game is open invite. If you have a friend who might enjoy, invite them.
  • If you are my friend and have not been invited, I apologize for not getting to you. Make a character.
  • If I have not met you yet, message me, but welcome.
  • I expect people to check the forums roughly daily. I don't think once a day is too horrible a requirement, but I do understand things do come up. If it's an extended thing, let me know. If it's a regular thing (You can't get online on Sunday, for example), you may want to include that in your character description.
  • Please make an 'honest effort' to use proper spelling and punctuation. Also, take a moment to make sure that your post looks like what you intended, especially if you use the formatting language. (There are players who are willing to help, if you need that.)
  • Speaking of which, a number of players read these forums at work. So, try to keep things work-safe.
Some RP Notes:
  • If your character was not in a scene, he does not remember it.
  • This is a Pulp Cthulhu game. Two-fists of justice is good. Insanity is downplayed.
  • Keep the forums roughly PG. You're welcome to have other types of scenes over PM or similar, but don't force anyone into a scene they're not comfortable with. (See rule 1.)
    To this end I might get a little flowery with the horror. I apologize in advance.
  • Post. I don't care you had the IC chat on discord or telegram. If it's part of the story post it. It helps the boards look active.
  • Before you roll dice, can you succeed? Take half your dice (round down). Is that higher than the difficulty? Then you succeed.
  • Technically, the above can't be used for spell-casting and horror, but there are times when that will be hand-waved. (Such as scenes with only a horror rating of 1.)
  • We have a discord server for the actual dice.
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Re: Forum Rules

Post by Wyvern »

I'll move this to my character thread once I finish it, but just as a note here: Thursdays and Tuesdays are not good days for me to have time to post. As we are just starting here, I'm planning to try and get a response up today regardless, though.
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