Augustus 'Bertie' Fairthingsworth

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Augustus 'Bertie' Fairthingsworth

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Augustus Bertrand Fairthingsworth (Pronounced Fur’thee’zwuth)

Augustus Fairthingsworth (occasionally ‘Bertie’), is a local of Lastfell’s upper-crust. The Fairthingsworth bloodline has held respect for many generations due to their substantial claim to one of the mines on Level 0, and Augustus was raised as a proper lord and gentleman. Instructed by private tutors in a plethora of topics from fencing to philosophy, the young Augustus excelled in his studies and was the favorable scion to oversee the family interests.

After a routine visit to inspect the mines, the normally sociable lord vanished from the public eye, resulting in numerous rumors. Gossip proposed he had been taken for Experiments, others that the family had Marsh blood, yet more that he had succumbed to a terrible unnatural wasting disease. The closest to the truth were those tales that mentioned the chunk of dull, black, lightless stone delivered from the Mines to his quarters the last day he was seen, and the regular supply of raw crystal and geodes sent surreptitiously to the manor.

Months passed, then years, before the discrete reappearance of Lord Fairthingsworth. A black-draped carriage departed the manor and its lone occupant was (following an attempted conversation with a shrubbery) hastily guided by his manservants into the back room of a private tea-house. Eyewitnesses said his bearing was unmistakable, but seemed gaunt and atrophied compared to the strapping lad they knew. The return was marked by a brief surge in popularity, followed by scandal as the nature of the Fairthingsworth heir’s isolation became visible.

To call Augustus ‘touched’ would be an understatement. While he has begun to integrate back into the noble tracts, his tendency to carry on lengthy conversations with inanimate objects or the sky is practically unavoidable at parties, going to far as to introduce his fist-sized jet-black uncut stone broach as “Mirtha”. His attendance is tolerated however, partially due to his standing and competence at the family business, but the flowing wallet of eccentric (some might say non-euclidean) cuts of fine jewel and crystal certainly doesn't hurt.
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