Kim Woo(Male)

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Kim Woo(Male)

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Kim is a young. small, compact, some might dense man.He can always been seen in white dress shirt with a black vest, bowtie, slacks and shoes.He looks to be an asian man in his early twenties. He will always welcome guests to the basement of Feng-Huang's Feathers. He is the keeper of the games, guiding patrons to their table of choice and hosting the high stakes game. He has been known to sell his private "brews" to those who ask as he learns from a master craftsman.

Kim is the enforcer of the poker games and guarantor of their fairness.There is a spear which hangs on the wall just for him.Stories of his enforcement are told as urban legend, starting with the incident where he "caught the cheat himself". Legend has it that person pulled mace, swung it at him and it stopped when it hit his chest. He blocked their arms from coming up for the next strike and punched them in the solar plexus ending the fight.No one saw him limping away and his reputation was born. There hasn't been a fight between patrons since.

Patrons are aware that he's seen people who cheat, but not because it is revealed at the game. On the occasion that someone cheats the house, or the other patrons they've been met by a masked avenger wielding 2 dan bo swords. This avenger has been seen fighting the occasional migo creature and those who abuse the poor and defenseless. No one knows how Kim has contacted this fighter. Everytime he intercepts the offender, they have returned the money, sometimes down a guard or 2 that didn't know when to stop fighting.

As for Kim, he never acknowledges that he contacts this avenger. He smiles offers some of his homeade booze and will regale those who pay for it with a tale of the games and what's happened. All without names of course.
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