Magic, Super-Science and Sentient Fungus

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Magic, Super-Science and Sentient Fungus

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So, what can magic do?

While this is Cthulhian, it is Pulp Cthulhu, so you have a lot of options.

Pulp Heroes: Basic training can allow people to pick up languages quickly, have enhanced physical abilities, or most anything you'd expect someone from a pulp to do. Quick disguise, running, almost anything from Spirit of the Century fits. These type of people aren't common, but... you're playing heroes.

Insanity Talents: One thing from pulp cthulhu is Madness Talents. These are like the above, but more-so. The truely amazing bits require a bit of madness, surrendering to the breaks in your mind. Kinda want to work out some way to do double-edged feats... Also, with bouts of madness, these can develop spontaneously. Anything from SotC that's too weird for above, fits here.

Psychics: Are largely ESP. Object reading, empathy, medium, and some telekinesis. Again, think about what you'd expect from a victorian story.

Mad Science: In addition to creating jetpacks and lightning guns, Tok’l-metal can create perpetual motion machines and other steam-tech. (plus, it explodes if it's left on too long.)

Sorcery: Cthulhu mythos skill saps sanity and summons monsters... Still... it's effective. Rituals are in the Gothic horror and Cthulhy books.

Mi Go Fungus and experiments: Well, the mi-go like making a mess of things and Lastfell is the closest source for test subjects. They do fungal implants, sew things onto other things, and worse.

Other Infected / Corrupted / Half-breeds: One thought is the idea of other infected to make shapeshifters or similar. Also, Deep one Half-breeds are a thing. Have some fun. I'm sure Dorian Gray would feel at home. Or at least, someone could have an air conditioner.
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