07.08d: Pattern vs The Shapeshifting Demon of Chaos

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Re: 07.08d: Pattern vs The Shapeshifting Demon of Chaos

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"Co-conspirator really? And no I'm not engaging you're champion, the farce that would be. We're all adults here, the entire rights/privileges thing by me vs. your champion thing is pointless. Either you're willing to grant it or not. If not you'll choose someone I can't beat, if yes you'll choose someone I can. You'd be wasting my time and that of everyone here and frankly I'm sick of getting mauled, blown up, ribs cracked, or generally bruised and beaten up. So either give me the "privilege" or don't but I'm not challenging anybody. If you don't I'll leave now, I don't enjoy watching or even worse participating in fake trials. Either make this an actual trial, or execute him now so we can all move on to other things."
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Re: 07.08d: Pattern vs The Shapeshifting Demon of Chaos

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"You clearly have a very... different idea of what the word 'trial' means. Frankly, your request doesn't even make sense, especially given your obligations to Amber - if he tells you that he's innocent, why would you need confidentiality? And if he told you that he's guilty - what would you do then? Try to defend him anyway, knowing that you were wrong to do so?"
Alys sighs and shakes her head.

"If you have any interest in learning or compromise or cooperation, I suggest you sit down and observe before assuming that this is 'fake' simply because it does not conform to your expectations. Look before you leap. If, on the other hand, your only concern is to inflict your world-view on others without consideration for whether the trappings you expect would even implement your own ideals... then please, leave, and let the rest of us adults get on with this."
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