Laws of Rochester

Rumor and discourse among the court of Rochester
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Laws of Rochester

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-To be acknowledged costs a minor boon given to the prince.
-Burning down buildings is punishable by death.
-Using powers on or attacking the prince is punishable by death.
-Using powers on or attacking someone of higher status is a crime.
-Personal domain is not enforceable on people of higher status than the domain holder.
-Dealing with Red Jack requires the Princes approval.
-No Primogen or Prisci may claim to speak for their council unless the meeting had all of thier members or their representative present, unless members declined to attend. Violating this will result in losing your position or being blood hunted if the position is not controlled by the prince.
-There shall be a position of librarian to maintain the knowledge of the city. They may demand a copy of any knowledge in the city or found in the city. Any court member of 3 or more status may have access to the library
-There shall be a position of Land Warden. It is their job to find, map, and take control of places of power in the city of Rochester. Also to track and negotiate feeding grounds.

-Shall be picked from the heads of the clans.
-Will be allowed to recommend people to hold positions to the Prince.
-Will have right or destruction over their clan members.

I claim domain over my city, my subjects, and all the territory under the power of either.
Areas near the spirit known as the city killer may not be fed in.
Anyone with 4 or more status may claim a fair amount of the city for feeding. All of the city's domain must be claimed. This is negotiated with Pearl.
Anyone with 3 status may claim a block of area for personal feeding domain. This is negotiated with pearl or the person holding the area.
Everyone else must have permission to feed in someones feeding grounds or be punished.

This is the Law
Joseph Walker.
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Re: Laws of Rochester

Post by Michael »

Thank you Walker, for the clarifications on the city's rules. They seam simple enough that every Kindred in Rochester can abide by them.

On a side note, as I am the only one in the city with personal domain I guess i should "pull your coat tails" on what to do if you find your selves in my domain late at night... the answer is simple... leave. I have places "Sun Tags" from every visible angle in it. If you see this "sun tag" you should walk away...quickly. Unless invited.

Thank you,
Mekhet Prisci
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Re: Laws of Rochester

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I believe Walker you forgot to mention my domains existence, which we talked about many nights ago.
- Lafayette D' Mascar
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Re: Laws of Rochester

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My most Noble Prince,

I humbly offer my services as Librarian if it is your desire. I am a master of digital data security, have expertise on the subject of the VII, and live in a haven that's security is both private and nigh unassailable. Also due to the nature of my powers, I can operate during daylight hours if need be (though it is taxing) and because of what I do I would be difficult to destroy should someone object to the knowledge gathered by the court librarian.

I can provide references of character or ability if you wish, my liege

~Stanley Smith
Venture Carthian
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