The Big gods

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The Big gods

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(The following is the current religious teachings. It is true... From a certain point of view.
I need better names for everything involved!)

The original gods were Purity and the trio of Civilization, Miracles and Choice. The god of Purity (and not-cleansing, we swear) was destroyed the Day of Green Sky. His (her?) three major acolyte-gods took up the mantle of good and the opposition of the newly minted evil god, Corruption.

Civilization (a traditional god of communities and mutual help, healing, etc.)
Suggested Domains: Life, Light, Protection, City (UA ones need approval... and the city seems to be more ebberon, so may need to be adjusted.)
LN (followers like a LG god)
Teaches that strengthening the cities and kingdoms will undo the damage that the Green Sky caused. Order is good, and thus the evil god is Anarchy, a personification of chaos. Note, that while this might apply to Choice, that's more of a friendly rivalry with mutual respect.

Miracles (God of Magic, and the good it can do.)
Suggested domains: Arcana, Forge, Knowledge
TN (followers like a NG god)
Teaches that the creation of things and knowledge (which, is magic, isn't it?) will undo the damage caused by the Green Sky and raise the kingdoms back up to where they were. Also teaches caution and understanding, since it's likely an overreach that caused problems on that day.
As such, the ultimate evil is destruction, the breaking of what was made.

Choice ("Sed" ? Lame name, but I kinda like it..., God of the Freedom to choose good or evil, and the benefits of one over the other. Also, knows trickery to get down and dirty to oppose evil.)
Suggested Domains: Tempest, Trickery, War (After all, you need the strength to stand up for the underdog and the tools to do it.)
CN (followers like a CG god)
Without choice, all other things are meaningless. Pushes for personal freedom and rights to balance out the gentrification of civilization. Teaches that the Green Sky was likely not caused by the races mixing (seriously, don't be racist!), but by individuals getting caught up in the greater good they forgot about themselves and their family and friends.
Teaches that corruption, the removal of choice, is the ultimate evil.

"The Rivalry"
Suggested Domain: Nature
Not technically a god. NG-ish?
Some followers revere the balance between Civilization and Choice. The understand that civilization is needed, but seek that the land not be spoiled by massive metropolises. They're not against cities, but instead seek that balance, that there still be natural places between them.
The Rivalry hates undead and clerics of such often mixed in with druids to cleanse area tainted with necrotic energies.

Note: all 3 (4?) of the above gods use the same holy symbol, generally with a special gemstone or emphasis placed on the appropriate corner. (the Rivalry uses a colored crossbar.)

Corruption / Destruction / Anarchy (Evil?)
Suggested Domains: Death, Knowledge, Trickery, War
Due to the blurring of the Law-Chaos axis and the Good-Evil Axis, Civilization teaches this god is CE, Miracles teaches the god is NE, and Choice teaches the god is LE.
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