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Cynthea is a short (she prefers the term 'petite') young lady with brilliant red-orange hair (almost certainly dyed) and alert green eyes. She favors elegant outfits in some combination of green/yellow/purple, and her personal seal is a bat-winged tower.

None of Oberon's children have officially claimed her as their own, though persistent rumors place her as Fiona's child - fueled by a combination of Cynthea's short stature and her obvious devotion to the ideals and style of her 'Aunt Fiona'. She has, however, been officially acknowledged as a grandchild of Oberon; after she walked the Pattern in Tir'na Nog'th, there was not much doubt of that.

Cynthea grew up in the mountains of Irallith, spending much of her childhood aboard a trader's dirigible. A suspiciously convenient scholarship allowed her to attend the Collegitat D'arcana (possibly at the same time as Theodore Equifals?) - she ended up with a number of honorary degrees, but she never properly graduated, instead abandoning the school once she had access to Pattern - and the ability to shadow-walk to whatever education she desired.

Power: zero. Cynthea favors finesse over brute force; if you can't pick the lock, you've no business bashing down the door.
Focus: five. Precision, attention to detail, and mental acuity are some of Cynthea's strongest traits.
Craft: two. Definitely not her specialty - but also not a field she's particularly weak in. Especially when it comes to operation and maintenance of any sort of flying machine.
Sneak: three. While she prefers to avoid going full-on ninja, subtlety and misdirection are still some of Cynthea's favorite tactics.
Flair: two. While Cynthea vastly prefers to avoid being the center of attention, she can still make a decent job of it if circumstances should require such.
Quick: three. Those who knew her as a child would expect her to deliberate before acting - but Cynthea spent some of her time in shadow training with Benedict, and it is difficult for anyone to come out of such training without the ability to move very quickly indeed when the need arises.

Subtle Sorceress of Irallith
  • When an act is related to physical heights - scaling a mountain, fixing an airship's engine, designing a tower.
  • When working with Powers of any sort.
  • When misdirection or other forms of subtlety are in play.
  • To avoid taking direct action, even when that's clearly the best approach.
  • To be unreasonably curious, particularly about Powers.
  • To act in defense of her homeland.
Quick To Anger (a very traditional flaw for both wizards and redheads)
  • When taking action in anger.
  • To be overly angry about even minor slights or problems.
  • To carry a grudge for far too long.
  • To act more recklessly than she should when upset.
What Would Aunt Fiona Do?
  • When involved in family politics.
  • When cutting someone down to size with biting sarcasm.
  • To justify having possession of a trump deck.
  • To be treated like royalty.
  • To become involved in family politics.
  • To expect to be treated like royalty.
-two aspects left blank-

Powers & Stunts
3: Pattern (this is, of course, her free power)
1: Adept of the Infinite Stair
Because I've trained with Benedict, I get +2 to create an advantage with focus in melee combat.
Because I'm a subtle sorceress with full pattern attunement, I can spend a fate point instead of acquiring a doom to work 'coincidental' spells in Amber. (I.E. any magic that doesn't have an obvious effect.)
- third stunt left blank -
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