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Name: Leonard
Description: Brown haired and brown eyes, there's little that stands out about the short sorcerer at first. Born in Amber, but soon fostered out to a shadow that Fiona has dominion over, the Gem of Nammu^. He was raised as relatively minor nobility of the Venetian-like city of Enki's Tear the first few years, until he developed a surprising talent for the shadow's native magic, Surfcalling. This aptitude rocketed him into the dangerous circuits and noble alliances of the powerful ten families and the Doge, winning him some wealth - and a lot of the wrong kinds of attention. The swirling dangers of the courts led him to favoring wearing simpler colors, standing out only amidst the upper crust - though fitting in quite nicely with the peasantry and lesser populace. even removed from that place, native habit leads to him adopting almost monastic style brown habits, simple robes of plain cloth as much as possible.
Fiona took him home after some unusual circumstances, and has now granted him the Duchy of the Keystone Spire&, a minor place of earthly power he has yet to attune to. this is distant from Amber by some roads, but he does still find occasion to appear once a season for a time.

Home Shadow(s): Amber, The Gem of Nammu, the Keystone Spire


High Concept: The Sly Sparrow of Enki's Tear
Surviving in a court of such decadence and intrigue leaves its mark. While most of the denizens became peacocks, striving to stand out and being all the same even for it, Leonard retreated and took advantage of subterfuge and psychology to become almost invisible amongst the sea of beautiful people. He kept quiet and to himself, working almost anonymously to improve the crafts he'd learned here.
- To remain unnoticed
- To survive in a hostile political environment
- To make allies among the lower class
- To avoid drawing attention, even when it would be advantageous
- To keep secrets, even when the information is important
- To insult or aggravate the nobility and upper crust

Trouble: The Knight of Endless Currents
shortly after his twenty fifth birthday in Enki's Tear, of course, he found himself with much more trouble than he could easily shirk off. Desperate to get out, he attempted to get to Mother, and found himself taking steps that were not back nor sideways, but both at once. Traversing this path between was not too hard, though it winded him and taxed his energy, until he ran into a 'brick wall'. It held him in place, trapped him as solidly as a frozen wave, before he slid down underneath. The place he found himself was dark, crushing, freezing and soaking, and the sorceries he had known faltered and failed him, he found himself beginning to drown.
At least, until the Forever Serpent, Leviathan, a twisting, inky black water Dragon found him. The monster breathed a bubble of air around him, and knighted him as the Knight of Endless Currents, until he washed up, unconscious, at the feet of Fiona on Treasure Island.
- To enhance his Power of water sorcery
- To act in the service of Leviathan
- To be unstoppable in his course of action
- To be owed fealty by lesser servants of Leviathan
- To call to the Leviathan's service
- To never pause but only slow, never freeze but only flow

Duke of the Keystone Spire
Fiona could hardly have not noticed being Walked towards, even by so juvenile an attempt. Bemused at the boy at her feet, she took him back to Amber for a brief respite before guiding him to Walk toward a small mesa town, hardly more than six thousand people in a mining community. the central point of this was a stone tower, constructed without mortar, that had existed 'for hundreds, perhaps thousands of years'. Water is in scarce supply, with most of it coming from wells filled by underground rivers. This, she explained, was his home now. He was the duke, and to rule over the town and mesa in her name, while she handled other things. The Spire is its own source of Power, he could feel that, minor as it might be - and if he can attune to it, She will nominate him to the Collegiate and perhaps even for some actual Power all his own.
- To act as equals with peers and Peers
- To consider the needs of the people he's been given command of
- To stand firm and endure, whatever may come
- To be owed fealty by the people of Keystone Mesa
- To enforce the duties of rulership
- To question morality - for one, or for all?
- To stand in place, to support another's burdens

Lingering Questions
Six months has Leonard worked to rule justly and true over the dominion he's been given. A fortnight every two months brings him back to Amber, for supplies and to report on the status of the holdings to Mother - little ever changes. she has dropped hints about the rest of her family, about the true potential of his Pathfinding, even about the father he's never met and the Power or Powers tied to that blood, but he has figured out little or none of it. Enough questions to drown a river, enough loose ends to build a tower.
- To find information about whatever's at hand
- To ask the right question - whatever that may be
- To know where the research can be found - even without being able to piece it together
- To follow information about Personal Secrets
- To push towards Pattern, will he or nil he
- To cast doubt upon his heritage

Fifth Aspect

Power: 3
Focus: 4
Craft: 4
Sneak: 3
Flair: 0
Quick: 1
Pathfinder (free)
Water Sorcery "Surfcalling"; Powered by Leviathan. 'Ebb', 'flow', 'Twist'.

Because Ebb is my Signature Spell, I get +2 to Focus when using it for defensive purposes.
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