Example PC: Rogbar

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Example PC: Rogbar

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(OOC: Finally, someone with Pattern.)
Name: Rogbar the Mighty! (12th of his name, leader of the Shadow Striders, Guard of the Iron Dragon, etc...)

Description: A dashingly handsome man of tall build. His chiseled features and long blonde hair frame a knowing smile and bright, green eyes. His skill is unlike any other and his arrogance is exquisitely styled.
Rogbar is the leader of the Shadow-Striders a rag-tag (but effective) mercenary group that protects Iron Dragons and other travelers. They also do more typical mercenary work, including wars, un-kidnapping, and V.I.P. removal. (While they don’t accept death as a requirement for removal, their methods are such that most clients are satisfied.)

Home Shadow: Amber
Rogbar grew up in the city of Amber with torn between his father, Rogbar the 11th, and his amberite mother, as-yet unnamed. He snuck out of finishing schools to go on merc. raids and dangerous missions with his father and learned a lot about being a noble and a scoundrel.
He has flunked out of the colegitat.

High Concept: Diamond in the Rough (Or, perhaps “Caught between High and Low”)
Rogbar is the leader of a group of mercenaries that safeguards iron dragons. While such protection is not truly needed in the golden circle, lines that are further out can call upon the protection of Rogbar’s Shadow Striders. For a nominal fee of course.
Despite the rough edges, Rogbar has received (likely from his mother) quite an extensive education in courtly matters. Of course, he’s equally likely to break such rules, but at least he’s doing it on purpose.
(OOC: The current incarnation is also a lost scion of Random/Martin, but- that’s for later. And yes, this is an Aladin reference.)
  • Be civil and know etiquette
  • Come across as dashing
  • Be a strong leader, both on the front-line and when dealing with paperwork
  • Fight unexpectedly dirty
  • Have contacts in either the rough mercenary world or high-society/royalty
  • Have a member of the Shadow Striders appear when it’s inconvenient (such as a royal gathering)
  • Have a member of royalty appear when it’s inconvenient (Such as a second nephew joining the striders)
  • Have any of his many, many contacts get in trouble
  • Be the black sheep of the family
Trouble: Interesting Times, Very Interesting
Nothing has ever been simple for the Rogbar line. Ever. Probably why he has learned to feint against fate.
  • Foresee a complication that no one has any right to expect. (Well, of course the princess is a steam-powered robot, that doesn’t make her any less a princess.)
  • Have a backup plan, all the way down to plan DD. (That’s 30 variant plans, how he counts.)
  • Roll with the unexpected.
  • Be amazingly unexpected himself.
  • Have unexpected allies in strange places.
  • Be in the right place at the right time.
  • Have literally anything be more complicated than it should be.
  • Have unexpected allies in strange places, who need his help / hold a grudge.
  • Be hit in the face with plot.
  • Be in the right place at the wrong time.
  • Be in the wrong place at the right time.
Stray-Cat Strut
Rogbar is 1/10000th(-ish) talking cat-spirit. His remarkable luck and flashy demeanor call to all that is cat. Plus, he’s the leader of a band of misfit/rebel mercenaries who are always getting into trouble and odd situations.
  • Be an alpha. (Different from being a leader.)
  • Puff himself up to something bigger than he is.
  • Attract wanted female attention.
  • Strike out on his own.
  • Be impeccably styled.
  • Have good luck.
  • Be challenged as an alpha.
  • Have a bluff called.
  • Attract unwanted female attention. (particularly devastating when combined with the above.)
  • Need to fix his style after being embarrassed.
  • Come across as vain and self-involved.
2 Pending PC connections
(OOC: Rogbar gets out a LOT and is insanely well travelled. Alternately, you might have met him before he flunked out of the colegitat. He should probably have an aspect form that time in his life. like "Unfortunate Nerdy Past".)

Power: 2 (5) - His ace in the hole, Rogbar’s less than impressive stature and unimposing physique are actually a pure-muscle swimmer’s build and can be directed with pinpoint accuracy. What he lacks there is compensated by a myriad of minor magical trinkets that he always carries. If Rogbar has not "gotten dangerous" (see below), his Power only comes across as 2.
Focus: 1 - Ooh shiny! (You need the buildup… the payoff is 24 seconds in.)
Craft: 1 - String? Don’t mind if I… Help! I’m tangled!
Sneak: 3 - Equal parts ninja-
Flair: 3 - And Kabuki.
Quick: 2 - Cat-like reflexes, although, that doesn’t bring him up to amberite level.

Refresh: 1 (3, -2 Stunts)

Pattern Imprint (-3, Free power): Did we mention Rogbar’s actually got noble blood in him? And he’s taken advantage of it.

Because I’m Ninja-Agile!, I gain +2 to defend with Quick against things that can be dodged.
Because I’m roguishly charming, I gain +2 to create an advantage/aspect with flair that involves being dashing.
Because Improvisation is the Best Plan, I gain +2 when creating an advantage with Craft using either a gadget from below or an improvised tool.
Because I use Pattern to grab minor magic items, once per scene, I can pull out a Batman-utility-belt style gadget.
(OOC: This is intended more for trick arrows, shock-rings, poison antidotes, single-use illusion generators, etc. not the real insane stuff like the bat-portable-black-hole disperser. Also, note this can likely be combined with his Interesting Times aspect. Game-wise, it’s a free excuse why he can use a stat in a given way, and gives him easy access to his Improv. Stunt.)
When I decide, “Let’s get dangerous.” I can remove a single consequence of any level that I gained in a scene, so long as I have not used my full Power in a test. (Rogbar can safely use a power of 2 without invalidating this stunt. At ST discretion, this could instead remove a single advantage/disadvantage or even a doom. Also at STs discretion, whatever is removed may return at the end of the scene. I mean, if he shrugs off a cold to fight, it should return. If he puts on a cast and fights like he's doesn't have a broken arm, he should probably have to heal that afterward. If he's publicly humiliated, then again, that should probably return after the scene.)
(Note: This would be likely different for any other character, because here it requires him to use low stats at the beginning of a conflict.)
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