Example PC: Anriki

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Example PC: Anriki

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(OOC: Something a little more low-powered. He is a servant, but of high enough standing that extracurriculars are quite possible. Plus his aspects ended up being AWESOME... ^_^)
Name: Anriki

Description: At 3' 8", this raccoon-dog is relatively unimposing. Few, however, would cross him as, in the gambling sector, he is considered a very valuable ‘pet’ of his tea house. Perhaps the most skilled player of Go in the city, those who have not studied the game often fall prey to the subtle nuances of his strategy. That, and his mostly secret ability to read minds. Likewise, the few attempts to kidnap him have been thwarted by this ability. (Which makes him devastating in one-on-one combat.)

Home Shadow: Empire of Jade
(OOC: I repeat, a home shadow helps fill in background. This is a tie to a shadow in the golden circle, plus a chunk of his backstory which would not be there had I not thought about it. Alternately, I had considered making him a demon from the Berserk Universe, that woudl look the same, but his hunger for human flesh would be stronger (although, similarly controlled).)
Born in the bamboo forests of the Empire of Jade, Anriki was sold as a pet/slave to a visiting dignitary. His first owner taught him to play go, and through a series of gambling events, he is now owned by the Elements of Tea House in Amber.

High Concept: Go Master of the Elements of Tea House
Anriki is a d9 ranked Go Master, and that’s without any special powers. He’s owned (sorta) by a combination tea house, opium den and gambling establishment.
  • Whoop you at Go
  • Plan any abstract strategy
  • Have connections to the criminal underworld (including but not limited to: gambling, drugs, smuggling, assassination and underground sports)
  • Know various teas and snippets of rumors
  • Be a local celebrity or at least have fame within the Go community
  • Have a mostly-reasonable sum of discretionary money
  • Be connected to the criminal underworld
  • Have his owner make an unreasonable demand
  • Be treated as a pet instead of a person
Trouble: Dating Above His Station
Lady Nia is at least a 9.5 in terms of hotness. Her every practiced move demonstrates a skill at showing off and flirting at least as refined as Anriki’s go abilities. Each gesture, every smile, even her blinks compliment all other aspects of her beauty. She’s highly skilled in tea mixing (and has been known to mix blends of all descriptions and kinds) and poisoning (As well as not-poisoning). Her parents own the Elements of Tea House. And somehow… she’s dating the family dog.
(OOC: Aspects can represent NPCs or other characters. In this case, the tie is strong enough and causes Anriki enough problems, it works as his trouble.)
  • Make someone jealous or envious that his GF is so hot
  • Scare someone because his girlfriend is likely a trained assassin
  • Ironically- get along with some of her exs (He and Quin got along very well in the original game)
  • Maintain a good relationship with Lady Nia, despite any appearances. (Oddly, Lady Nia and Anriki get along remarkably well and Lady Nia does not get jealous. As written, there is mutual respect and it helps that Anriki is always upfront and honest with her.)
  • Make his owner mad at him
  • Get into fights with people who want to take his girlfriend away
  • Get in trouble because his girlfriend is a shadow-assassin/kitsune liver-eater and he’s a known accomplice
  • Get in trouble as Lady Nia is betrothed to someone new
  • Any variation of the above.
Buddha Jumps Over the Wall
(OOC: Aspect is a reference to a Chinese meat stew said to tempt (vegetarian) Buddhist monks to jump the monastery wall to eat.)
Anriki is a zen buddhist, with many years of training. He has mastered controlling his emotions and desires. So, when he decides to indulge, it’s his choice. This training is supposedly what grants his shapeshifting, although, that’s up for debate. Like most Buddhists, he’s a vegetarian. However, since he's likely part Oni or something similar, he does secretly crave meat.
  • Remain calm despite all logic and reason
  • Surprise someone with a shaolin-style move
  • Intuit a fact that was merely implied
  • Understand what he knows and does not know
  • Deny himself any desire
  • Defend against any mental attack, especially emotional ones
  • Love deeply and perfectly
  • Be a vegetarian
  • Remain perfectly clean
  • Sneak out of the tea house.
  • Crave meat (sentient meat would be a doom)
  • Go coo-coo for a perfect meat dish (it has to be good)
  • Be taken to task for failing in his enlightenment
  • Have difficulty when getting dirty
  • Be defeated by his own planning (if the time isn't yet right)
2 Pending PC connections
(OOC: Anriki doesn’t get out much, but with a little prodding (And a few connections beyond those who dated Lady Nia), he would really love the great outdoors.)

Power: 1 - At under 4’ and less than 100 lbs, he is all around unimpressive.
Focus: 5 - He’s a Go Master and treats all his life with similar planning.
Craft: 2 - He’s remarkably handy when he needs to be.
Sneak: 3 - An easily overlooked pet.
Flair: 0 - He can showboat in Go, but that’s not really flashy.
Quick: 4 - Squirrelly little guy.

Refresh: 1 (3, -1 Pathfinder, -1 Stunt)

Shapeshifting (Statue form and Mind Reading) (-2, Free power): These are both minor shapeshifting tricks Anriki has learned due to some aspect of his nature/past. He can assume the form of a statue of the same size (with vastly increased weight), and by sight, can mimic the mental capacities and skills of people. If he didn’t have a 5 Focus, this might mean more.
Pathfinder (-1): Likely from being a semi-magic creature born in the Golden Circle, there is also a lot this says about his past. (Another idea would be to remove this and have 2 refresh. Because he didn't develop this until he started sneaking out regularly.)

Because it’s innate, I can use shapeshifting in amber with only a fate point, not a doom.
Because I planned for that, I gain +2 to focus to create an advantage when there is no time constraint.
Because I know without knowing, once per thread I can (retroactively) have ‘all the time in the world’ to plan things out.
Because I knew you’d do that, I gain +2 to focus to create an advantage when I’ve mimicked your mental skills.
(OOC: Know without Knowing... is poorly defined and needs a bit of work. The intention was something like "As a zen master, he arrives late, but before anyone else." or "all things in their own time" that causes him to accidentally anticipate things he has no right to have planned for. Game-wise, when used, this could allow him to ignore all negative aspects for an interaction, and guarantee he can use "I planned for that" his other stunt. If you play Anriki, definitely talk to Wyvern about it.)
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