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Interaction Between Boards

Post by Joshua » Thu Jan 19, 2017 5:08 pm

So, several people said that the 'previous publication' aspect of this forum was confusing, so... I separated the boards. This one is for brainstorming 'previous appearances' of characters and such. The goal is to have superhero and villain ideas that I can draw from instead of defaulting to Marvel or DC.

Anything posted on this board COULD show up in game, but might be altered to represent a new iteration. So, be as goofy or weird as you want. I mean, looking at Young Justice, characters such as Lobo and El Dorado showed up and were drastically different, while others, such as Jason Todd were references to storylines that didn't show up, and still others, like Superman, were largely unchanged.

So, Anyone can post here regarding any silly idea or plotline they'd like to see. These are considered non-cannon in game, but are near-cannon. (And the more serious posts are likely to be dropped in with almost no change. Like CHESS.)

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