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A collection of low-end supervillians. Individually they are unimpressive, but together than can present a challenge.


The team leader. He is mostly a skill based character. His attributes are nothing to write home about (all d6). If he has a power per se (which is very debatable) it is his ability to successfully lead a ragtag group and somehow get the most out of them. He is a master tactician and skilled in close combat.

He has some low-end gear, mostly mundane: kevlar body armor, grapple gun, low light goggles, smoke grenades, etc. His most notable item is a recent acquired sword made out of the game world's counterpart of adamantium.


A female Atlantean. Physically unimpressive for her people, she has studied sorcery enough to have limited telepathy, light generation and illusion powers. Her favorite trick is to read the mind of an adversary to find what illusions are most likely to fool them. She does have a low level laser-like attack, but mostly uses her light abilities to blind and disorient.


A truly average (all d4) thug until he robbed a pawn shop. In the haul he found a medallion that possessed magical powers. It increased his intelligence when wearing it (d8) and allowed him to (physically) enter the dream realm and visit the dreams of others. He can read the minds of those he visits in the dream realm and has full memory of what he finds there. He cannot manipulate the dream realm, but he has more knowledge of its ins and outs/ Unfortunately for him, he has no real combat powers so his primary tactic is to flee (often into the dream realm), but he does carry a gun just in case.


An aspiring biochemist until a lab accident turned her into a literal harpy. Her physical attributes are very unimpressive (d4), but she is intelligent (d8). Her powers are flight, telescopic vision, sharp claws and pheromone based controlled of males only.


The predictable archer with the usual collection of trick arrows. He is a skilled infiltrator/assassin.


While trying to find ways to alter and enhance his own powers, Baobab experimented with plants. One that he considered a failure managed to escape before he could destroy it. It was eventually found by Rabble-rouser and recruited onto the team. It started life as a literal shrub, but has been given a humanoid form. It has a high vigor (d10) and slightly above normal strength (d6) it has no combat skills at all. It is intelligent (d6) but has a high spirit (d8). It has the power to reflect energy attacks back at opponents and convert materials into (limited amounts) of various chemicals (mostly focusing on poison and sedatives). None of its powers work while it is exposed to temperatures before freezing.


Cybernetic augmentation is best left to the experts, especially experts with a big budget. Burned learned that lesson the hard way. After a dishonorable discharge from the military he decided to take up work as a mercenary. He was offered a chance at augmentation to make him a more effective weapon. Without bothering to check up on his supposed benefactors he agreed.

The good news is that the computer processor they integrated into his brain did successfully boost his intelligence (d10 level) and the flamethrowers they installed in his arms are high-end military quality. The bad news is that they didn't enhance his muscles or skeletal system so it takes almost all of his strength just to move.

(Note: I've been at it with the Ultimate Powers Book again. There may be more additions later).

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