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Baobab was a scientist working for CRISIS. When an alien vessel crashed a remote part of Alberta, Canada he was called in to help study the technology. He found a device that he believed the aliens used to modify indigenous life to suit their purposes. After some study, he came to believe that he could use it to enhance himself. Unfortunately he didn't understand it nearly as well as he thought and the results were...startling.

He was altered on a cellular level, changing him to a humanoid shaped plant. He can sustain himself with only soil nutrients, water and sunlight. Like a baobab, he is able to store water and food to allow him to go extend periods between feeding. He also became immensely strong (able to lift 50 tons).

The greatest effect was on his mind. His intelligence was boosted to be as great as his strength. Side effects of this was a perfect memory and the ability to learn a vast number of languages. He gained telepathic/empathic powers, including the ability to deep probe a person's mind and to telepathically attack, as well as clairvoyant abilities as well.

He also gained several minor secondary powers. He has a very limited ability to create light, and although he can use it as an attack it is laughable weak for that. He is capable of creating "holographic" illusions of himself. He can direct them, speak through their mouths and see and hear though them, but they cannot affect anything solid. Finally, he gained a very limited ability to alter molecular bonds which he usually uses to make organic material to feed himself at need.

Note: This was created with the Marvel Ultimate powers book. I took a few liberties to make it make a little more sense. I also used a lot of optional powers. Here's how it looked:

Physical form: Vegetable
Origin: Self Achievement
Weakness: Psychological, fatal, continuous with exposure

Fighting: Rm
Agility: Gd
Strength: Am
Endurance: In
Reason: Ex
Intuition: Gd
Psyche: In

Illusory Duplication: Ex
Empathy: Gd
Clairvoyance: Gd
Self-Sustenance: Gd
Molecular Conversion: Ex
Telepathy: Rm
Mental Probe: Gd
Mind Blast: Rm
Light Emission: Ty
Linguistics: Ex
Hyper Intelligence: In
Total Memory: Rm

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