The Resonance

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The Resonance

Post by Brian C » Sun May 29, 2016 7:36 pm

In the 1931's a mage began the magic race looking for the key to victory in the upcoming war. Stan Shumway, a British mage was in a race against the budding Nazi party to get to an artifact promising the power to change the world. He ended up in a race with Freidrich Abendorth. They'd had many engagements in the ALP's trying to unearth this artifact. Their final battle started on dday over 10 years since their initial engagement. The after effects were felt for weeks as cracks in the earth and lightning were seen at night. It played off as the allied attack up and down the lines, but ultimately Hitler's hope died with Friedrich in northern Italy. The unnamed artifact was moved and not seen until Vietnam January 30th 1968.

This time Sebastian Abendorth who'd migrated to the US with his mother in 1955 was leading an expeditionary force to find the americans a power source for victory. Again Stanley Shumway showed up to keep the artifact hidden but the beginning of the Tet offensive convinced the US government to put all their resources into finding this power source. Stanley couldn't keep the artifact safe without opening it to obtain power. Sebastian and his force dissapeared along with half of Drang Valley. Stanley was never seen again.

On 9/11/2011 Stanley Woke up again. He heard a voice "we're sending you back to change the world". He had no body that he could feel.He saw the first tower crash on the television. He was in Philidelphia and saw 2 men talking. "Mr Abendorth, It's time to set off the bomb." The next thing he knew he was in a body casting powerful spells banishing the bomb *elsewhere* when he was stabbed through the heart. It took a minute to recover from the shock and see the dead body of Mr Abendorth staring up at him. As he recognized the name the other villians drove off in a car. He tried casting a teleport spell, but without a body he couldn't make it work.

Since then, Stanley is simply called the resonance by various government agencies. He always averts disasters,sometimes holds onto villains long enough to confess other times possesses the nearest bystander to help a situation.

immaterial: he can go anywhere and see anything, but cannot talk to or interact with anything unless he inhabits a host.
Posession:He can possess anyone with a weaker mind.
Magic: He can cast some of the most powerful magic available, assuming he has a body to do so.

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