Apologies for a much too long absence

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Apologies for a much too long absence

Post by khadjair »

As some of you know, and as I may have mentioned in my other comment, RL sorta grabbed me by the scruff and shook vigorously for a while. I had to relocate 900 miles for a new job... over a weekend. And the logistics, plus adjusting to a new place, and a longer commute, and now much shorter days, have taken a toll on my attention. I believe I am finally in a place to be able to return, if nothign else than to hand off the big ball of plot I received just as I was heading for the door for my move. I intended to be a couple weeks, at most, not a couple months in adjusting.

My sincerest apologies - I know the game has been moving in circles, waiting for me to get back and hand off this information. Hopefully I got back quickly enough to keep things in some semblance of motion.

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Re: Apologies for a much too long absence

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Welcome back!

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Re: Apologies for a much too long absence

Post by Joshua »

It's okay. Life happens to everyone. I just... I really didn't want to do something drastic (like have your character kidnapped or worse) because I am really glad you're in the game.

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