Conspiracies and Curmudgeons

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Conspiracies and Curmudgeons

Post by Draylen »

So, um. Some of you might have noticed that Aibne has been, um, conspicuously absent. From everything.

...I don't know what to do with him.

I've talked to Joshua and Wyvern about it a little, but the issue is that he's... just sulking. A lot. He doesn't know what to do with the power he has, and there's a fair chance that he repudiates Amber entirely, which leaves me in a bit of a lurch.

Joshua suggested forming a conspiracy for him to do so he can be sufficiently distracted until he settles more, or gets used to his power, or something. And I talked to Wyvern about it, so I want to post it to all of you, because I just don't know. I have three ideas, and Wyvern added one, too. Most of these are canon to one degree or another, and one of them had been tried previously, but I think if we can take preventative measures it won't have the same result it did last time. So, without further ado, here's the list of conspiracies.

Firstly, let's talk about Kokytus. Wyvern pointed out when I floated conspiracies at her that he was part of one, although I don't actually know anything about that. Does anyone have any information about that? It might be something to look into (although Aibne doesn't know about it any more than I do).

Second, let's discuss the Anti-Amberite Movement. Because when you have a class of elite, nigh-infinitely powerful people, who are complete and utter dictators with no checks on their power, people will rebel. Obviously, they're completely and utterly doomed on all of the fronts, but they probably have their own perfectly reasonable points, and it might get the bear into the Game of Thrones*.

Third, there's the possibility of a secession crisis. I know (from Wyvern) that it tanked the game last time, but that was because it was done in a terribly stupid way by (a?) terribly stupid PC(s?). From what I"ve heard. I might need to actually look at it later. My point is, there's been some whispers of it in Remba already; Tir Na Nogians need their own place that actually exists on a regular, continuous basis; and Ht'Gon has the highest cluster of PC Amberites, and I'm not sure we don't edge it out even with the NPCs going on as well. All three of them have their own reasons to break with Amber and set up their own city-state, and all three of them have their own Pattern** which would let them break off territorially. It could be a huge deal, and nipping that in the bud is a good thing for the four Ambassadors of Amber to set up (do Tir na Nog, Remba, and Amber actually have those? I'm volunteering everyone's favorite surly People's Prince for Ht'gon, he's probably the best choice amongst the PCs^).

Fourth, succession crisis. This probably needs to wait a bit, until the end of the week, but Dworkin just kinda... vanishes. 'Hey, you kids have fun, you're in appropriate positions, be good!' Not so much a conspiracy, though. Maybe there's stupid people who want to convince Dworkin to do just that? Ones that aren't the bear^^, at least. So that's a thought to think about, maybe, possibly?

Those are the things that might be things to be things. I don't know. I don't have anything actually concrete, so I turn it over to you guys. Help? Thanks.

*That, okay, we should probably start building up to? Maybe, possibly? I know it's been not even a week yet and mostly people are still meeting each other, but still.
**Tir na Nog probably needs a way to affix it more permanently, or else migrate the castle to a place of magically sustained endless night, but there are ways to do that, I'm sure.
^I can provide proof and justification for it, but mostly, look at all of the times the bear speech crafts. He's damnably good at it.
^^The bear would much prefer he leave in pieces than peace.

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Re: Conspiracies and Curmudgeons

Post by Joshua »

For the record, the issue was that the GM was not consulted on the issue of the announcement, due to the player taking some bad advice and playing it as PC vs PC vs GM. As a reminder, we're all on the same side here, trying to make an interesting game.

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