Weekend delays

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Weekend delays

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Good day all,

Firstly, Hi, and it is a pleasure to game with all of you. Blame Wyvern for my appearance here.

Secondly, I am afraid to say that I don't have much time this weekend to post, but shall try for tomorrow and Sunday evenings. My sincere apologies to those who were finally getting introduced to Caelund in 07.11c: Into the Woods. However, while such an introduction is being made, please do not let it prevent you all from continuing onwards on your scouting trip; Caelund (if he joins along) would hardly be an active participant until he regains some breath, or absent otherwise.

I hope it isn't too inconvenient, and shall endeavor to post when available

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Re: Weekend delays

Post by Wyvern »

As a note, Foxclaws is in the process of being eaten alive by assorted work-related stuff; he may surprise me, but I wouldn't expect a post for at least another day or two.
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