Basic Game Advice

Random discussion, related to the game, but not really of a rules nature.
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Basic Game Advice

Post by Joshua »

Again, I'm not an expert, but let's help each other here. Probably the most common issue I have seen (besides, real life ate me) is "I don't know what to do."

Tip: The game is cooperative. If you have trouble fleshing out any part of your character, be it in stories or points, ask. If not on here, they over PM or IM.

  • Walk the pattern.
    1. Gain an Amberite's trust.
    2. Discover why some people survive the pattern and some don't.
    3. Gain said quality.
    4. Walk the pattern.
  • Understand Broken Pattern.
    1. Get someone to notice logrus-like tendrils (OOC event).
    2. Talk to Alys or Dworkin about Logrus.
    3. Get straight answer.
    4. ? Visit Chaos.
  • Learn Logrus?
  • Merge Logrus and Pattern?
  • Discover what major or minor power spawned the Hivers?
Not specifically for an NPC, but an example of a character with Broken pattern who wants to upgrade. This character is unlikely to wander through a scene uncertain of what do to. A number of the goals are very broad and help him decide what scenes are important to him. Some people are very reactive, and that's okay initially, but developing goals and wants for your character means you'll be able to do things and shape the game better.

Goals are not intended to be set in stone. Adjust or add to them as new information and plot elements come up. And a good first step is "Find out about x that came up in thread I wasn't part of." Rumors spread, people are in the city, and 100 minor elements make going a little out of your way to find something interesting to your character a good thing.

Not everyone needs to flesh out their goals with sub-steps. All you really need to be able to do is have an idea of where your next scene will be. Hence the hopefully useful Scene Sign-Up. Sometimes things will happen differently than you planned or wanted, and that's a good thing. Occasionally, another PCs plot will overtake yours for a time, until you can get back to it. These add to the dynamic aspect of the game. Again, these are a good thing.

Give it a show. And again, if you are completely uncertain what you can be doing: Ask.
(Not to poke a certain player, but... originally I was going to introduce the 'hivers' (wow, PC chosen names are odd) on a pirate ship trying to get to Amber. Just in case any PC ran off with the pirates.)
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Re: Basic Game Advice

Post by misfit »

Some times the issue is timing. Harrune has a list of goals, including (but not limited to) learning more about the Pattern (by walking all 4 and going with Osmund to study a broken Pattern), helping the Orr family, addressing some of the issues in Amber...and he's willing to help on issues like the Hivers. Right now though each of those needs to wait until the festival is over. He's not crazy about the events at Ht'Gon, but he does have an obligation to be there. That's leaving me somewhat at loose ends at the moment, but I have started the talk with Odin and will see what other mischief I can come up with. I don't know if others are experiencing the same, but if so speak up. Joshua is the one who suggested the chat with Odin and I'm running with that until I can think of something more to do. Talk to Joshua, or anyone else for that matter, and maybe someone can make a suggestion to help you along.
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