Scene Sign-Up

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Scene Sign-Up

Post by Joshua » Mon Dec 01, 2014 12:26 pm

On the note of "what do you want to do?", what do you want to do?

Use this thread (and I'll likely break it up into major events), to tell me what I should focus on.

So, for the Ht'Gon tournament, what do you want to make sure you get done? (Things like 'Meet with Dworkin', 'Punch Daq in the face', or 'Talk to Alys about her homeland'.) This will make sure we can skip more of the parts that don't interest you and focus on the parts you are interested in.

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Re: Scene Sign-Up

Post by Wyvern » Thu Oct 29, 2015 1:48 pm

Alys' IC goals for the soiree are:
  • Be present, visible, and approachable.
  • Take note of NPCs that seem particularly competent or interesting.
  • Chat with Kizak at least a bit.
  • Avoid Odin if at all possible / practical.
My OOC goals for the soiree include:
  • Have Alys give Caelund the same basic information on Chaos, shapeshifting, etc., that she's given to everyone else. This can't happen until it's revealed that he's in the deck, or is otherwise singled out by Dworkin as being someone Special.
  • See what happens when Kizak encounters Celeste.
This can be broken down into the following specific scenes:
  • Game with Lady Ninear & company - done.
  • Lurk near the riddle contest & see who approaches her - in progress, looking like the answer's going to be Lyra & Rasanam.
  • Probable sub-item: It would make sense for Kizak to approach once Lyra's present, as that way he can be certain he's not offering accidental insult to either Alys or Lyra by approaching the other one first.
  • Possibly travel through the maze with Kizak - he'd have to mention being interested in it, though. Not an important scene, but (like Jiga talking to Rogbar), one I'd have fun with.
  • Go talk to (and possibly game with) Anriki and Lady Nia with Kizak still in tow - this should provide enough proximity to justify having Kizak notice Celeste, and we can see where that goes from there.
  • Hopefully by this point Caelund will have been outed as a PC-level operative and Alys can approach him for a private discussion of important matters.

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Re: Scene Sign-Up

Post by Wyvern » Tue Dec 29, 2015 5:53 pm

There are three scenes of interest for Alys over the next few days; the first two are probably on Friday, while the third is scheduled for Saturday evening.

1: A meeting with Rogbar, intended by Alys to actually be a discussion of involving the Shadow Striders in her plans for training the city guard. And, almost certainly, intended by Rogbar to be a date - especially since he's gotten permission to pick a time / place.

2: Finishing up Harrune's challenges for the right to walk Ht'gon's pattern.
If I remember right, Lyra planned for a simple challenge by combat.

Alys' plan is slightly more complicated, though - at Morgana's request - she'll also discuss it with Harrune before simply springing it on him. Specifically, after (if?) he wins against Lyra, Alys will declare that she's not challenging his request to walk Ht'gon's pattern - but that she is putting a price on it. Exact wording can be adjusted if Harrune wishes, but the current intent is: "You will allow requests to attune to Tir'na's Pattern from anyone attuned to the Patterns of Amber, Rebma, or Ht'gon."

She'll also suggest that, even if he doesn't want to challenge the price itself, he may wish to challenge some sub-portion of it - perhaps trying to add phrasing that allows him to place challenges before anyone who wishes to so attune? Her reasoning for this suggestion being to end the event on a high note for Ht'gon; if he's challenging her over some quibble of phrasing, she can put up a challenge that is beyond his abilities and give Ht'gon a win without actually blocking his request.

3: A dinner with Kizak, initially planned here.

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